Gratis Club Live

Cam Deas + Spoono@GRATIS Club di Senigallia, Ancona, Marche – Martedì 14 aprile. Click Per Infos

Martedì, 14 Aprile
Gratis! GRATIS Club via Bonopera 53
Senigallia, Ancona

Cam Deas + Spoono
(Blackest Rainbow)

Per amanti di Robbie Basho, John Fahey, Steve Reich, Charlemagne Palestine, Loren Connors, Derek Bailey, Villa-Lobos, Albert Ayler, Terry Riley, Steffen Basho-Junghans. Due nuovi grandi talenti direttamente dall’Inghilterra.

E’ nato un nuovo talento in casa Blackest Rainbow […] Cameron Deas realizza quello che non è riuscito a fare l’ultimo Blackshaw: la semplicità del sublime.(8)” – Gino Dal Soler

“Hurray. Nice experimental work inspired by John Fahey and Robbie Basho. Lord, please kill all that modern post-rock-ambient-shoegaze” – XO8OUIU

“this is really rather good. It’s some bloody good 12 string guitar action that immoderately has us making comparisons to James Blackshaw. However Cameron Deas’ approach to the instrument is his own with the first track building from gentle sounds into a crescendo of intensity and energy. If you like your guitar music like Sir Richard Bishop, Ben Nash, Jack Rose, Stefan Basho Jungens etc then this is a worthy addition to your collection” – Norman Records

“Tolling, ebbing, electric like a pulsing breeze blowing random natural and manmade objects in some desolate weed punctured concrete corner. Englishman Jack Allett pulls pokes and prods his electric guitar with varying degrees of intensity on this short two part recording. His multi tracked strings stretch and bend the first track into desolate soundscapes, bone thin improvised melodies, and abstract noisedrone. Track two features a heavily processed guitar pulse around which acoustic picking, vocalized melodies, and anorexic electric guitar drift and mutate. Spoono follows in the footsteps of a myriad of solo guitar experimentalists and steps just enough outside of the lines to establish his own identity within the field. Hopefully longer recordings are to follow and he can fully blaze the trail that his guitar has cut for him.
7/10” – foxy digitalis [/url][url]