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Forma Productions: February 2009‏. Click For Infos.

February sees Forma productions launched in Australia: Lynette Wallworth presents her largest exhibition to date and first solo show in her native country. The exhibition at Samstag Museum includes a new work, Duality of Light, commissioned by Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund 2009.

Gina Czarnecki and Chris Watson present their respective installations Spine and Whispering in the Leaves at the Perth International Arts Festival.

Gina Czarnecki and Ulf Langheinrich’s short film Spintex will be showing in Glasgow as part of the National Review of Live Art, and Czarnecki’s works Infected and the award-winning Nascent feature at Temps d’Images Festival in Montreal.

Lynette Wallworth —
Duality of Light

Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum
Adelaide, AU

Gina Czarnecki —

Perth International Arts Festival
Perth, AU

Chris Watson —
Whispering in the Leaves

Perth International Arts Festival
Perth, AU

Gina Czarnecki & Ulf Langheinrich —

National Review of Live Art
Glasgow, UK

Gina Czarnecki —
Infected and Nascent

Temps d’Images Festival
Montreal, CA

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