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Ayler New Release: Drake / Gahnold / Parker ‘The Last Dances’. Click For Infos.

Those of you who are lucky owner of our release ”…. And William Danced” (aylCD-044) with maybe the best recorded music by William and Hamid (if you know any better, please advise us!) and with one of the few alto saxophone players who has the rare innate “Billie Holiday timing” – Anders Gahnold – will be happy to know that we now have released four new unreleased tracks from the very same recording session in Stockholm in April, 2002, and you know what we mean: this is just beautiful jazz music.

Drake / Gahnold / Parker           

The Last Dances                                          

aylDL- 075


William Parker, b
Hamid Drake, dr,
Anders Gahnold, as

1.  Oh Shit                                                 12:48

2.  Slow Dance                                          11:49

3.  Bow Dance                                           23:09

4.  Dusk                                                     12,36                                                        

     Total time:                                              60:30             


Recorded at Flash Music Studio, Stockholm, Sweden on April 15, 2002                                                

#1 and #4 composed by Gahnold. # 2 and  #3 composed by Parker (centeringmusic/bmi),

Drake (Smiling Foreheads/BMI) and Gahnold (STIM/ncb)

Recording by Göran Freese. Mastering by Per Ruthström               

Cover art by Åke Bjurhamn. Layout by Stephane Berland