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2 New Releases: Anthony Pateras + Steve Peters. Click For Infos.
we are very excited to present these two new releases!


anthony pateras
| chasms
| cd sirr0030

Chasms is the extraordinary debut solo prepared piano album from Australian composer/pianist Anthony Pateras. Chasms takes things further, re-configuring the instrument into a psychoacoustic percussion orchestra, exploring extended timbral continuums through complex rhythms and physically intense performance strategies. Through purely acoustic means, the work attempts to enhance piano performance via a compositional sympathy with algorhythmic computer composition and studio technology.This is electro-psycho-acoustic music created purely with prepared piano.

Anthony Pateras is a composer and performer. Live, he appears regularly throughout Europe and Australasia on prepared piano in the Pateras/Baxter/Brown trio, on voice & electronics with Robin Fox, prepared piano solo or as a conductor of his own notated works. Pateras has released and produced numerous albums, recording for Tzadik (New York), Editions Mego (Vienna), Synaesthesia (Melbourne) and Quecksilber (Berlin).



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steve peters
| three rooms
| cd sirr0029

Alvin Curran once described the music of Steve Peters as “pure, restrained, and rigorously beautiful.” These three delicate pieces – or rooms, as the title states – are the result of very personal investigation regarding the interaction between physical spaces and the experience of listening. The selected compositions aim to create room(s) for the listener, intensifying quietly and subtly our awareness.
These pieces explore tactile interaction with the interior surfaces and materials of architecture;  approach breathing rhythms to acheve  miniature compositions that evoke the contemplative space of a Japanese rock garden; or reveal the complex dance of overtones in the air and ever-deepening pure waves from asingle bell strike.

Steve Peters makes music/sound for various contexts and occasions, using recorded sounds of the world and found/natural objects, or through exploration of acoustic phenomena, as well as normal instruments and spoken text. In recent years his work has focused primarily on site-specific sound environments that explore ideas about place/presence and encourage subtle listening for extended durations.







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# The Beautiful Schizophonics
| Musicamorosa
Cronica, 029, CD

Marcel Proust has been one of the main sources of inspiration. The image of a sleepless solitary writer confined to a Parisian soundproof room, has everything to do with the experience of a modern laptop composer, alone in the dark of a room, in a sort of headphone ecstasy with his acoustic fragments of reality. (“La letrice” is Colleen  reading Proust in Paris.)

# Ran Slavin
| The Wayward Regional Transmissions”
Cronica, 028, CD

# David Maranha
|  Marches of the New World
Grain of Sound, gos21, CD


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