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Category: Chanson Française
Reference: C7-075
Bar Code : 5413902000503

About: Émoi


The musicians :
Ann GAYTAN / Voice, Guitar,Godin Midi Guitar, Keyboards, Programmation, Strings Conduction
Helmut ABEL / Accordion
Thierry VASSIAS / Guitars, Bass, Bouzouki, Saz
Chris JORIS / Kalimba, Oudou, Percussions
David MINJAUW / Additional Programmation, Percussions

Strings :  Conducted by Jean-Luc FAFCHAMPS
Fred VAN LIEFF / Violin
Roman BORKOVSKYY / Viola
Renaud LHOEST / Viola, Violin
Fabienne DRIES / Cello

Heike SCHMIDT / Chantal VERMEULEN / Michel A. DE VOS / Claude GALLAND / Marie-Stéphanie SMET / Guy KOTOWITCH / Eirc HEYPERF.

Presentation :
It is exceptional that Carbon 7 release an album in the category “Chanson Française”. It means, this is an exceptional album.

The “Chanson Française” is not what’s missing at the moment, but only a few are constructed as this one. Ann has the voice, it’s a fact. But where she is a step further, is that she writes strong texts and compose with master skill her own music. All this would be only a style exercice if there weren’t the emotions that scratch each phrase and take heart and soul in a flurry voyage.

Ann Gaytan brings here the sum of her experience and encounters that follow a strong line. Her collaborations make her an artist to be reckoned with.
Indeed, if Vaya Con Dios, Marcel Moreau and Maurane, Belgians as her, or Nina Hagen, and above all Léo Ferré, did consider her as one of them, you’ll have to be deaf or indifferent not to recognise her talent.

Léo Ferré did even go as far as writing text and music for her, few artists have had this privilege.

No need to describe the content of this album. Listen to it, it’ll strike a chord in you.

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