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The Winter Coat [Under my Bed recodings newletter Vol. #16]. Click For Infos.

Dear All

We are approaching the end of rather lethargic winter for the Under My Bed
Recordings; even though we have been quite for a long while, the water was
moving underneath, and, with springtime approaching, we are very glad to
announce to imminent releases. The second volume of the 5 Pezzi Facili split
collection, featuring Mr 60 and The Frozen Fracture (on CDr) and the
long-awaited debut of My Dear Killer.

In chronological Order
UMB #15 5 Pezzi Facili 2/5 Mr. 60s, The Frozen Fracture
The second split of the 5 Pezzi Facili series, feature the contribution from
Mr60, which first album ‘mrsista from outta space’ has been recently
re-released by UMB, and the home veterans The Frozen Fracture, which
contributes the instrumental half of the record. Mr .60 “Concepto:desperato” is
a sort of metaphoric journey in which the band explores the vast compositive
possibility given by ability of the members to alternate between difference
instruments. The mellow and subtitle irony of which Concepto:desperato is
impregnated constitutes Mr 60s trademark. The Frozen Fracture contribution
“rare earth noble gases” is also a time-travel journey. Songs recorded from
Fisher-Price microphones using a VHS recorder and other sort of oddity has been
dug out from the dust and collected, including two extremely rare live
exhibitions, in the only venue in the country from which they were not banned
before even getting in. This rather random Pritt-stick-glued brick-a-brac
disaster is the ultimate experience of a musical project failure.
Release Date: 15/04/2006

UMB # 2 My Dear Killer – Clinical Shyness
The title of the album, Clinical Shyness, is definitely self-explanatory. The
record will be released by a syndicate of record labels composed of Madcap
Collective (who recently released Franklin Delano and Father Murphy), Under My
Bed, Eaten By Squirrels and other obscure characters that are part of the
Italian underground scene, and got together in order to finance the project.
The record is a collection of songs mainly written in 2001, some of which
appeared as alternative-takes in several EPs and compilations, either on tapes
on CDr. The most significant material recoded during the last few years, under
the code name “Clinical Shyness”, has been rearranged and manipulated by My
Dear Killer, during winter of 2005. The result is a pearl which last only
thirty minutes and sticks together with biadhesive tape Nick Drake and Sonic
Youth; the combination might sound vastly improbable but the landscape of
noises and feedbacks in which My Dear Killer’s melody’s arpeggios and whispered
murmurs are buried closely remind at the stratified guitar layers of the
renowned partnership Ranaldo/Moore, trying to suffocate the fragile
song-writer. The record has been essentially left as recorded and produced by
My Dear Killer, without any form of juxtaposed embellishment. All around the
feeble voice, razor-sharp guitars scares the devastating intimacy of the lyrics
while background saturation feedback are bouncing on the bedroom’s walls of the
room in which these little portraits of loneliness has been compiled.
Release Date: 01/05/2006

Gigs are Bliss!
My Dear Killer performed a brief but intense mini-tour in Italy in January.
We wish to thank Onga of Boring Machines for organising the gig and taking
great care of the band together with Momi, as well as all the bands we have
supported (Egle Sommacal, Grimoon and Stop the Wheel) and local promoters which
have been absolutely fantastic.

Best wishes from
The Under My Bed Recordings