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TEEN SOUND Records is proud to announce new exciting releases!
Five great bands hailing from UK,Italy,Holland,Australia…


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“Blastin’Out” (Teens 037) LP/CD
The Long awaited new album by Italy’s finest garage band of the 80’s is
finally ready. Mastered by Dom Mariani of the legendary Stems in Australia,
the album features fantastic new compositions in pure Powerpop style, mixed
with the usual sixties/garage flavour that distinguish the band since twenty
years now. In fact it’s 20 long years from their brilliant debut “Faces”
(planned to be reissued on Teen Sound records sometime around fall 2006…)
produced by Claudio Sorge’ seminal garage label, Electric Eye Records. Their
songwriting has become incredibly professional and the awesome packaging
will definitely capture as well as their new music. If you like Powerpop and
sixties garage, strong harmonies, Rickembacker guitars, swirling
organ..well, that’s thee album you were waiting for…an unique chance
to…blast out! The Sick Rose are definitely back in town, and will support
this long awaited release with their hot live act in 2006,you just don’t
wanna miss’em!

“From’Round Here” (Teens 041) CD
Marty Ratcliffe of the never forgotten Mystreated from England, is back on
the track. The Higher State are a fabulous new act that will definitely make
fans of garage folk-psych smile again. The fourteen tracks included in this
brand new CD display a deep love for the US folk rock and psychedelic music
of the mid-to-late 60s, even tho’ most of the kids out there will simply
call it Garage. If you’re wondering..does it actually sounds like the
Mystreated..? Well, yes and no. Marty’s vocals will obviously remind this
great act of the 90’s and the fact that Mystreated’ drummer Mole is actually
playing (guitar) in the Higher State certainly helps, but the band has its
own sound, and loads of original cool songs for that  matter. Fear not,
there’s enough maestro Fuzztone in between the more folksy ballads  and most
of the tracks are mid-uptempo to dance to. This young band came to my
attention thanks to a brief but raving review written by Lenny Helsing of
The Thanes ,one of the most purist 60’s beat dedicate follower ever
since..so you should know by now that The Higher State are definitely going
to catch your attention. Get this CD and trip into its San Francisco-style
artwork while listening to their very first notes. I dare you to say it’s
not 1967 again.

“The Rock’n’Doll Sound of…” (Teens 040) CD
Four ultra-cool looking gals with the perfect look and a sound in between
classic garage rock and Australian powerpop is definitely not a common thing
these days. Most of the garage fans out there will recall bands from the
80’s and 90’s (Pandoras, Brood, Girl Bombs…). DollSquad move from there
onto a very personal mix of influences that will definitely please both 60’s
garage heads and 70’s powerpop fans (also reminiscent of some cool plain and
simple pop acts like The Bangles, Go-Gos, and even early Pretenders at
times). What really stands out is the girls’ songwriting that never falls in
expected territory. Their exciting sound and image will create a
mind-blowing experience. The dolls are going to tour Europe in April and May
2006, presenting this brand new release that will certainly launch them as
the next big thing. Make sure you get your hands on this CD which also
features Australian 60’s beat/punk hero Peter Rechter of Peter and The
Silhouettes and Tol-Puddle Martyrs’ fame on some keyboard tracks as well as
liner notes written by Hector Penalosa of The Zeros, Speedie John and also
Nikki Corvette!.  Housed in cool eye-catching op-artwork, the sounds on this
cd will keep your hands stuck on the ‘replay’ button for a long, long time.
I’m sure you won’t regret forkin’ out for this CD!.

They’re coming…” (Teens 039)
The Dutch garage-Beat scene is alive and well. The Miracle men are coming to
testify that. If you like cool r’n’ roll garage with the right sounds and
attitude they’re gonna be your next fave act. This young combo has released
just a promo CD and a 7″ on Kuriosa Records before entering the vintage home
studio (a Dutch farm!) for the second time to cut a dozen great songs, all
original compositions! Tracks have been recorded/mixed by EJ Kloosterboer
from the Waistcoats, so you probably know what to expect. There’s just a bit
of everything we like in here: timeless garage riffs, a touch of moody
Nederbiet, and a singer that will probably reminds you Jeff Conolly’s voice,
more than the Mono Man himself! They also look cool and have real nice
vintage gear, so whattareyouwaitingfor? Get ready because the  Miracle Men
are coming. Confirmed to play at the next Primitive Festival in Rotterdam in
June. Yes, they’re that good!

“Il buio è tra di noi” (Teens 038) CD
Hailing from Ravenna, Italy, The Cavemen is a cave-teen combo fixated with
sixties Garage-Punk and Beat Italiano. As a matter of fact their debut album
here presents 3 cuts sung in English and 3 in their native tongue, filled
with plenty of fuzzy guitars and stomping’ beat. The guys deliver a primal,
yet mature, release that displays their love for both classic UK acts (the
Yardbirds in the title track “Il buio è tra di noi”) and innocent US garage
punk in Avengers/Stoics vein. The Cavemen surely like the 80’s garage wave
too, but instead of granted surf-punk instros here, you’ll find  also
“Bugia”,a spooky/moody theme that will definitely please Fuzztones fans (or
garage psych heads in general) and a personal rendition of The Gruesomes’
“One good reason”, sung in Italian (“Vigliacco”). The Cavemen are an
happening and fun new garage combo to look for. Get outta the cave and buy
their album, then if there’s no cave-party around, get a beer, play it at
full volume and think of the good times…

“Just Our Flame” (Teens 036) CD
The Grains is one of those legendary band that best represents the term
Garage Sound these days,in its authentic meaning. Most of the band members
play since the late 80’s,the youngest ones play like they’ve never heard
anything but Back From The Grave, Pebbles and Psychedelic Unknowns on the
radio. The look of the bands has recently gone a bit Freakbeat but their
sound is still pure US garage punk-psych. Perfect swirling organ,
crystalline guitar riffs, solid rhythm section with the right fills, and
authentic mono(tone) vocals, singing about..flipped dreams, being alone in
the burning sun, summer, men with guns, love and more…A band that has
become a fave o’mine since I managed to see them many years ago, when I’ve
released their debut 45 on Teen Sound (long time sold out..). Today the
Grains’s sound hasn’t changed..they simply sound better than before and the
songwriting has given the band their unique touch. If you still like the
true garage sound..you’ll love the Grains album!


(Norway killer Merseybeat act including members of the Indikation)

THE FUZZTONES “Salt  For Zombies” LP

and much more…

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