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ANDREW COLEMAN – Tony Alva’s Hair [CD C0C0S0L1DC1T1] AUDIOPIXEL – Memento Rumori [CD Collectif Effervescence] MARC WANNABE – Things Don’t Last Very Long [CD 90% Wasser/Moloko+] MR SCHMUCK’S FARM – Good Sound [CD Oral] OFFTHESKY ­ It is impossible to say just what I mean [CD Stilll] PEOPLE LIKE US – Story Without End [DVD Sonic Arts Network] ROBIN FOX/CLAYTON THOMAS – Substation [CD Room40] TAPE – Rideau [CD Häpna] TETSU INOUE – Yolo [CD DIN] V.A. ­ STILLLYSM [CD Stilll SCD003]

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ANDREW COLEMAN – Tony Alva’s Hair [CD C0C0S0L1DC1T1 csc012]

C0C0S0L1DC1T1 are proud to present Andrew Coleman’s long awaited third
album. With the albums title nodding a head to the original 70’s skateboard
legend, Tony Alva’s Hair is trucked up and ready to roll. Now recording
under his own name rather than the ‘Animals on Wheels’ moniker, Coleman’s
last release called Demons was released through the UK label – ‘Tripel’. It
is this album, however, that sees him back to his best form with beautifully
crafted melodies and intricate snapfunk breakbeats throughout. With vocals
from ‘Dose One’ of ‘Anticon’ outfit ‘cLOUDDEAD’ on track 3’s not a
speculation, this album once again places Coleman at the forefront of the
crossroads where hip-hop and electronica meet.
This new outing sits happily between the drill n’ bass records of his
previous  album release on ‘Ninja Tune’ – Design and Mistakes and the
gliding melancholy of the Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt album
released on Chicago, post-rock label ‘Thrill Jockey’.
Based in Cambridge, UK , Andrew Coleman initially burst into the electronica
scene with an EP released on the home-grown ‘Bovinyl records’ under the
moniker ‘Animals on Wheels’. From there, along with a number of EPs, Andy
released two albums under this name for the London-based, beats label Ninja
Tune, and in 2001 joined the Thrill Jockey stable for an album.


AUDIOPIXEL – Memento Rumori [CD Collectif Effervescence FRVsens 09]

Audiopixel is Miguel Constantino, a 25 year-old sound engineer, he was
assistant at the CCMIX (Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis) during
summer 2004, now he’s currently working on making his own studio and
produced the records of the patriotic Sunday, Stuntman5, This melodramatic
sauna, Argument, among others.
Memento Rumori is Audiopixel’s first album and the achievement of 3 years of
work, the time necessary to obtain a definitive equilibrium between sound
research and the melodies. Even though a large space is left to
improvisation on stage, Memento Rumori is to be considered as only one
piece, completely structured where each element and sound is at its right
Different instruments and ideas have come along while working with other
musicians: the outstanding Chinese voice, pianos, violin, drums, tortured
analog tapes and field recordings. The subjects treated here are all linked
with the way the sounds are used: memory, time and silence.
Memento Rumori is complex puzzle of a ballerina that wants to remember
everything from sounds to smiles, a journey inside a man’s joys and fears
that can appeal to all of us.

Video of Track 3 “J’ai plus de peine pour un chat écrasé”


MARC WANNABE – Things Don’t Last Very Long [CD 90% Wasser/Moloko+

After 3 years the third rumbling album by Marc Wannabe finally is released!
A journey through 12 crackling & grooving tracks, based mainly on the
sounding sputum of throat & mouth. 60 minutes of straight & oblique rhythms,
pulsating basses & energetic transfers.
Old friends showing up, leaving breathes, noises & voices, and also the well
known old pleated robots can be found somewhere…
Marek Wantzéck (aka Marc Wannabe) explains the conceptual background of this
album: “How to handle that professional music as we know it? Well, the
construction, you see, really made me start to use situations and
transistors radios. And that became an image of the piece what was happening
around me. And the title really came after the piece and is like a silent
protest. So there was a strong connection there with things don’t last very
That may answering a lot – but not everything. To get the full spectrum of
possible answers: Listen to this CD!


MR SCHMUCK’S FARM – Good Sound [CD Oral 07]

Good Sound: Hildur & Schneider met in 2004 in Berlin’s partyzone and found
out they were both living in the same neighbourhood. Soon the idea came up
to do some music together. One fine day Hildur came over to Schneider’s
house/studio and brought her cello. Before they even started talking or
drinking coffee, the track my favourite caucus airchamber was recorded.
After that they met occasionally to play some game of bowls in the park or
have one or two drinks together. A couple of weeks later the second track
inspired by a common love of Sun Ra music (don’t give up, what is death?)
was recorded just like the first one…but this time she also brought her
zither, accordion, saw & pearlchain… No talking, no specific ideas, no
direction: just Hildur playing over and over the acoustic instruments and
Schneider processing them live on his mixing-desk. A couple of weeks later
Hildur moved back to Iceland to finish her electro acoustic studies and
Schneider visited some jail to work on German gangster-rap with some
prisoners. When Hildur came back to Berlin to join Angel for their drone-set
in October 2004 at Ausland, Berlin, the time was right to record the track
not all crows are black. Then, one afternoon, the Schmucks appeared at
Schneider’s studio, but this is another story…
Hildur played: cello, saw, accordion, zither, pearlchain, fender twin
reverbSchneider played: fender twin reverb, kaoss pad, vermona retroverb,
memory man deluxe, eq’s, doepfer unit + spring reverb


OFFTHESKY ­ It is impossible to say just what I mean [CD Stilll SCD002]

Offthesky “it impossible to say just what i mean³, a line in T.S. Eliot’s
poem “The love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, fits apropos as title-to-idea
for the artists on-going struggle to transcend innate social limitations.
And in the process of completing this album, Offthesky (Kentucky based Jason
Corder) successfully crossed many boundaries through working with countless
musicians to form a diverse sound. “It is impossible to say just what I
mean³ deftly fuses atmospheric-electronic sensation with heart-felt,
post-rock melodies that exists truly as a work of poetry in motion.


PEOPLE LIKE US – Story Without End [DVD Sonic Arts Network]

Sonic Arts Network actively supports the work of the current crop of leading
British audio artists. It is with great pride that we present, for the first
time, a collection of short films by People Like Us, a true champion of a
particularly English sense of humour and fun. The DVD shows a journey
through a multi-layered 20th Century, represented by bright eyed and
enthusiastic images of the modern world, concluding with the new Sonic Arts
Network commission ‘Story Without End’.
Since 1992 Vicki Bennett has been producing CDs, radio and AV multimedia
under the name People Like Us. Through a process of animating and
recontextualising found footage, Bennett creates collages with a dark, witty
and surrealistic view of popular culture.
People Like Us also produces an ongoing weekly experimental arts radio show
on the freeform New York radio station WFMU, called ‘DO or DIY’.


ROBIN FOX/CLAYTON THOMAS – Substation [CD Room40 rm412]

Apart from being recognised as two of Australia’s leading improvising
musical forces, Clayton Thomas and Robin Fox are also acknowledged for their
unrelenting experiments and divergent acoustic approaches in relation to
their instrument of choice.
Over the past 3 years, Robin Fox has developed some of the most powerful
live processing tools in Australia through his research with MAXMSP. Clayton
Thomas on the other hand has expanded his performance styles, moving between
blistering free jazz explosions to introverted and delicate expanded
preparations on his 100 year old double bass.
The results of this pairing are, as you’d expect, are as diverse as they are
spectacular. Unrelenting double bass movements are reprocessed into
microtonal washes of sound – vibrated objects are transformed into
uncharacteristic acoustic phenomena.
This record expands on the techniques of electro-acoustic traditions and
aligns both acoustic and electronic sounds in an integrated sonic
environment where the lines between player and machine, instrument and
processing are blurred and redefined.


TAPE – Rideau [CD Häpna H.25]

On october the 24th, 2005 the swedish trio Tape will release their eagerly
awaited third album – Rideau. The main idea behind this record was to make
something that differed from the two previous albums that was recorded by
the group themselves, and also to try to work with another person to push
thesmleves in another direction. The choice fell on Marcus Schmickler,
german musician and producer and the album was recorded in his studio in
Cologne, winter/spring 2004-2005. Another way of working had to be found and
the concentrated atmosphere that was established were soon transferred onto
the recordings. The surroundings of Cologne made for sure an imprint as the
previous albums were recorded in rural Sweden.
The songs have a more architectural structure this time, a sharper sound,
more rhythmical elements and a grandeur that hasn´t shown before.
Tape´s music moves between experimental music and pop without effort and has
been recognized internationally for it´s particular sound where electronics
blend with all sorts of acoustic and electric instruments.
Tape was formed in 2000 by brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling together
with Tomas Hallonsten. Their first recording Opera came out in 2002, the
second – Milieu in 2003, both released on Häpna. Tape have done shorter
tours in Europe, the US and Japan. In august 2005 Staalplaat released a live
cd of Tape in their ³Mort Aux Vaches² series.
Marcus Schmickler is a musician, producer and composer with a broad range.
Solo – he makes noisemusic , pop with Pluramon with Julee Cruise and
composes comtemporary music for choir.



DiN is proud to announce the release of Tetsu Inoue’s ninth solo album,
Yolo. Based in New York and with over 40 albums to his credit, including
collaborations with such left-field luminaries as Bill Laswell, Atom Heart,
Peter Namlook and Jonah Sharp, Tetsu Inoue has established himself as a
musician equally comfortable in the contrasting worlds of ambient, sound
installation, and computer music.
Intriguing and mysterious, Yolo, dissects a combination of Max random
synthesised sounds and field recordings into fragments and particles which
are then sieved through in microscopic detail. Inoue moves the focus with a
speed that is at first disorientating but demonstrates the concise precision
that has made his deserved reputation as an artist that is not afraid to
explore and expand.
In many respects it’s like a diary of intimate impressions, internalised and
deeply processed; a collection of fading super-8 memories moving jerkily in
and out of the frame of the imagination. There is no lengthy exposition or
superfluous effect to be found on any of the tracks.  Rather there’s an
insistence and urgency to cut to the chase.  The music is composed and
built-up from intricate details, cross-hatched and etched, forming complex
portraits or abstract tones and vivid colour.
Bristling with detail he neverthesless achieves all this with a graceful
economy of language that is as spare and as telling as a haiku.
The music of Yolo is a series of events connecting with each other though
not necessarily connected; a patchwork that constantly mutates and renews
itself. The faintest traces of harmony and melody drift in and out like
smoke on the wind, gracing the underlying thrum of particular moments with a
forlorn beauty.
This is a strikingly crafted album that will appeal to fans of his previous
work and draw in new converts with a music that is both substantial and


V.A. ­ STILLLYSM [CD Stilll SCD003]

Since Aprl 2005, Stilll label’s reputation has continued to grow. The
Brussels-based label’s first compilation, Stilllysm, confirms a commitment
to best in organic electronic post-pop music with melancholic tinge. The
comp includes music from established artists such as Mitchell Akiyama, Aoki
Takamasa, aMute, Ghislain Poirier, Peter Principle, Off The Sky, Benjamin
Lew… as well as newer names, including the post-jazz duo Tangtype, the
sonic destructured post-rock of Mikale De Graff, extremely talanted and
catchy Holiday for Strings (who will soon release their official debut album
as a co -production between Stilll and Intr-Version) and many other
excellent surprises such as Immune and Nox, both future releases from
Sometimes melodic and dynamic, other times vast, cntemplative and ambient,
Stilllysm is a cohesive and powerful record that will listeners in
anticipation of the great things to come from this new label.

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WORLD’S END GIRLFRIEND [Noble Rec.] 10/11 IT – C.r.c, Padova
11/11 IT – Calamita Reggio, Emilia
12/11 IT – Charles Bronson, Ravenna
13/11 IT – Mono Spazio Bar, Pescara
14/11 IT – Traffic, Rome
15/11 IT – Tago Mago, Marina Di Massa

ADULT. [Thrill Jockey] 25/01 IT – Turin, 211
26/01 IT – Milan, Plastic
27/01 IT – Rome, Brancalone
28/01 IT – Bologna, Link

ANTHONY PATERAS / ROBIN FOX [Synaesthesia] 23/11 IT ­ Ravenna, Spartaco
24/11 IT – Bologna, XM24

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