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Hello there!

here we are again, back to Torino and its well-known autumn, foggy days…as
first we’d like to thank all of you guys who came to see MCIAA and Keiji
Haino’s shows in Italy and Lisbon…more dates will be confirmed soon, so stay

OK, we have a bunch of new releases which we’re proud to announce!

LVD 072/073/074

The long-time-announced, mastodontic MCIAA’s 3xCD (!!!) set “The Cosmological
Eye Trilogy” is finally out on Providence-based Last Visible Dog records!!!
Yes, exactly a triple CD set collecting, besides the re-mastered versions of
“TCET part I & II” (originally issued as Opax Rec ltd. cd-rs, so far out of
print), the new previously unreleased “part III – Into the Whirlpool galaxy”
plus an hour and 15 minutes of new additional cosmic material appositely
created for this set… The insert booklet features the original paintings on
wood by Roberto Opalio and all full-detailed notes about the galaxies–

“To my ears, this sounds like Sun Ra (circa Heliocentric Worlds vol. one)
performing Dream Music. The most organic and certainly cosmic minimalism I’ve
yet to hear!” (LVD)
“…there?s tension in these albums, the distant yet edgy sound of
reverberating, violent chaos, which prevents them from sinking into stoned
tedium. …”The Cosmological Eye Trilogy” is the better demonstration of their
ragged prowess.”  (Keith Molinè, The Wire magazine)


Opax Records has a new division! the newly born OPAX TAPES has been set up to
spread around some good hissy analog cassettes… the first installment is a
new work by Roberto Opalio (below)…hey it’s limited to 69, so move

– ROBERTO OPALIO – “voice with no guitar/ guitar with no voice” C20 cassette
(Opax Tapes/ special handmade ltd. ed. of 69, in Japanese-paper envelope,
hand-sewn with string, handnumbered and drawn by Roberto Opalio)

“The first analog cassette release on Opax Tapes, new division of My Cat Is An
Alien’s Opax Records, features a new work by brother Roberto Opalio. On side A,
a 10-minutes-long solo-voice piece in Roberto’s typical wordless-vocals style;
on side B a 10-minutes-long solo-guitar piece of pure space drones. Recorded at
home September 9th, 2005, in Torino, Italy.” (Opax)


Allright– see you all in outer space!

Alien faith!————-MCIAA