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Hello to all,
And we hope you’re having a nice summer (or winter).

In this seasonal broadcast:
1. New labels in the shop web page
2. New reviews on our most recent cds
3. Upcoming live shows + exhibits
4. Upcoming CDs

Excellent news: we are expanding the shop to gather the beautiful releases from some friendly labels, so that you, when you visit us, can take the oportunity to find interesting works by people who collaborate with us somehow, and share our pleasure in sound and music. We have new stuff from Squintfucker press, Erewhon, 18k, Dekorder, or artists such as jgzrinich and Marc Behrens. And specially, the new Cronica releases, a cd and dvd (sold separetely) featuring dozens of great artists.

And if you want to get some not so recent cds of Sirr catalogue, this is your chance. We have a great late summer special prices that, with your help, will allow us not just to clean the shelves, but also to prepare new releases. Take a look: we’re offering 6 cds for 50 euros or jrzinich “insular regions” with two more at your choice for only 30 euros.

New reviews regarding our recently published cds Insular Regions by jgrzinich and “untitled songs – 49 years after gesang der jünglinge” have been posted in the reviews page:

About jgrzinich’s “insular regions”, Steve Roden dix it: “jgrzinich’s insular regions is one of the most beautiful drone/field recording combinations I’ve heard in a long time”.

And TJ Norris at Igloo Magazine finishes with this delicious words: “It’s a
long trek through this vast forest, and I am not sure if granny would be
awaiting anyone with pie of any kind.” About “untitled songs, 49 Years from
‘Gesang der Jünglinge’ (2005-1956), Dan Warburton wrote a great review for
ParisAtlantic Magazine that is not to be missed. Check it out… And If you
care to listen to these cds, you can find some pieces and extracts in mp3
right here:

Showcases: Marc Behrens and Paulo Raposo will be performing at ICMC2005 (International Computer Music Conferences) which will be held this year in Barcelona. The performane will be in the OFF-ICMC section at Metronóm, September 8th, 23:00… So if you’re around, please come and say hello. Also, September 30th, Paulo Raposo will present in the city of Barcelos, Portugal, an audio-visual piece:
“reticular persistence”, an event organized by the association CineZoom.
Before this one, and not to be missed, is Marc Behrens with some photographs at Frail exhibition, Canada, opening online August 26, (, and with an installation at B!AS 2 Sound Art exhibition, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, opening September 24, exhibition until November 20. Performance at Luxy, Taipei, Taiwan, September 25.

Last but not the least we have up next on Sirr: new works by Erik M, Jason Kahn and Andre gonçalves with Kenneth Kirshner. We expect to have them ready by october. Stay tuned…

Thanks for your attention and enjoy the (rest of) summer (or winter, depending on where you’re based),

Paulo Raposo and Marc Behrens