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Present 302 Acid New Release.

Psychonavigation distribution is proud to present the new release from 302acid.Another quality ambient/electronic release from UK label Em:t Records.302acid have also just been confirmed to play the Big Chill & Masterpeace festivals this summer.More details soon…

Press release:

302 Acid EMIT 0005

Experience 302 Acid’s debut,a dark, twisted opus from the outer edges of the American psyche.The reborn em:t’s latest release is its most experimental yet, an intense ride brought to you by three electronic innovators from Washington DC.

It’s the creation of Doug Kallmeyer(samples, bass),Justin Mader (samples, projections) and Andrew Reichel (electronics),three men brought together through meetings in DC’s most salubrious hangouts – tattoo parlours, night clubs, art spaces, protest rallies and a joint love of all things electronic-punk-prog-hardcore-metal-jazz-classical.

em:t fans will be familiar with Andrew Reichel.As alter-ego gel-sol, he released his critically-acclaimed debut gel-sol 1104 on the label in late 2004. Now, with 302 Acid, em:t continues to push at the boundaries of intelligent electronic music.

Swirling atmospherics glide over syncopated beats,dubby low-end bass rumbles and roughly-hewn digital soundscapes, producing an end result refined on the many occasions 302 Acid have taken their multi-media,improvisational show live.

It’s still an anxious age, and this is its soundtrack.An electronic tornado, the calm is shattered. No more. No more.

The latest from EMIT. By the same artist that brought us EMIT1104 (GEl SOL).


Em:t Releases are available from City Discs,Freebird & Tower Records Dublin.

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