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AGENTS XI – Altarima [CD Génie ou Rien] BATTERY OPERATED – re. cord [CD/DVD C0C0S0L1DC1T1] BEHRENS / HEYDUCK –  Plastic Metal [2CD Antifrost] DOMOTIC – Ask for Tiger [CD Active Suspension] ELECTRONIC MUSIC COMPOSER – Abandon Music [CD Planet Mu] FREIBAND / BOCA RATON – Product [CD Crónica] GOUZY/BLEFARI/BERIDZE/PRATTER – 4 Women No Cry [CD/LP Monika] HEIMIR BJÖRGÚLFSSON & JONAS OHLSSON – King Glitch [CD Crónica] HELLFISH – One Man Sonic Attack Force [CD Planet Mu] KEITH BERRY – The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish [CD Crouton] KONON0 No.1 – Lubuaku [CD TERP] LALI PUNA – I thought I was over that:  rare, remixed and b-sides [2CD/2LP Morr
Music] MITCHELL AKIYAMA – Small Explosions that are Yours To Keep [CD Sub Rosa] MORCEAUX DE MACHINES – Estrapade [CD No Type] PETER REHBERG – Fremdkoerper [CD mosz] ROBERT NORMANDEAU – Puzzles [DVD empreintes DIGITALes] SHITMAT – The Lesser Spotted Burberry [EP Planet Mu] THE PEPPERMINTS – Jesus Chryst [CD/LP Paw Tracks] V.A. – -40 [CD/DVD C0C0S0L1DC1T1] V.A. (SCANNER, ONETHEMA, QUENCH, ROD)  – NOW 02 [12″ underscan] VIRUS SYNDICATE – The Work Related Illness [CD/2LP Planet Mu]

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AGENTS XI – Altarima [CD Génie ou Rien GoR0079]

Following the success of their first album (Le Monstre Jaune) Agents Xi have
released the second in a planned trilogy This time around, it’s pre-historic
rap, merging minimalist Glenn Branca/Phil Glass sound with Parisian banlieu
texts. The aim behind the album is to talk to the public differently in a
literary form for a public that is prepared to react. With a series of tribal
rhythms, it is a study of the prehistoric behaviour of modern man. The following
texts try to explain what the individual tracks are about.
Altarima is a play on words on the Spanish village Altamira, well known for its
prehistoric relics. Altarima, the CD, is an imaginary place. It is in some
respects a way of interpreting our world as a prehistoric place populated by
Palaeozoic and instinctive beings whose behaviour is dictated by pride, sexual
appetite, thirst, hunger, survival and the quest for comfort. The track ‘A toi
mon frère’ deals with the duel between reason and basic animal instincts.
The prehistoric beings that we have remained still go back to ‘magical thoughts’
in order to have an irrational explanation of the world about us. The Altarima
man still believes that we can force the clouds to open up and produce rain by
dancing and singing to the sky. As such, belief based on the fear of witch
doctors and or other superior beings results in complex rites which although
attractive are utterly useless. It is this concept of magic that we deal with in
the track ‘Le grand mystère de la boule noire’.
The Altarima track is thus the centre of a parable that links our modern world
to which certain more illuminated members of contemporary society somewhat
disdainfully refer to as prehistoric. Summing up, nothing has really changed and
the final message is that we will only free ourselves from the prehistoric past
when reason becomes our sole guide.


BATTERY OPERATED – re. cord [CD/DVD C0C0S0L1DC1T1 csc010]

For the re: cord CD/DVD project, Battery Operated had a black box‚ from an
aircraft replicated and split into 10 sections. 10 music artists were then
chosen from around the world and the black box‚ was couriered to them one after
the other. Each artist was asked to submit his or her favourite conspiracy
theory in sonic, visual and written form. When the box had reached Australia and
its final destination, it was sent back to Battery Operated to start remixing
the music and video/image tracks. Using all the original tracks as a large sound
bank, Battery Operated constructed a 50-minute remix album of melodic and
experimental electro tinged beats for the CD.
An 8-page booklet and 50-minute video on DVD, suggesting an overall conspiracy
theory makes up this singular package. The 10 artists who submitted tracks also
have their original compositions placed on the DVD. The following artists,
amongst others, have original tracks on the DVD and have subsequently been
remixed by Battery Operated: Richard. H.Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Mathias
Delplanque (Lena, Quartermass), Sachiko.M, Freiband (Goem), Kurt Ralske (Ultra
Vivid Scene, 242 Pilots), Identification (C0C0S0L1DC1T1), Michael Morley (The
Dead C, Gate), Pretty Boy Crossover (Surgery).


BEHRENS / HEYDUCK –  Plastic Metal [2CD Antifrost afro2030-1]

Plastic Metal is a collaboration project by German sound artists Marc Behrens
and Nikolaus Heyduck.
Years after they first met, Behrens and Heyduck realized that each of them
independently had been working on the same kind of material, such as plastic
bags, bubblewrap, chocolate, medicine, and toy packages.
Heyduck had made several sound and video installations, Behrens had composed
“Scenes for Contraction” in 1999 (released on his solo CD “Contraction”). Their
first duo performance with a joined pool of this type of material took place
inside one of Heyduck’s installations in the year 2000. For the second
performance they used a box filled with plastic material and an integrated
handheld videocamera equipped with stereo microphones, thus “playing” the
plastic inside…
The Metal piece was initiated when Heyduck helped to clean Behrens’ cellar one
day in 2001. He found two steel drumsets that Behrens had built in 1991 and left
to oxidate in a remote angle.
The artists decided to reactivate these instruments for another collaborative
project. An extensive recording session and successive digital processing
resulted in the basic material used for two performances in 2002 and 2004. Both
pieces of this release are products of an evolutionary process – an interaction
of sound recordings and physical objects exposed to a live concert situation,
and further elaboration to create a concise composition in CD format.
Nikolaus Heyduck is an artist working with audiovisual media since 1978. He
studied art in the 1980s and composition in the early 1990s. Marc Behrens is
perhaps best classed as a “sound artist”, working internationally across
performance, installation, and recorded media (audio and video).


DOMOTIC – Ask for Tiger [CD Active Suspension ACD12] -> no promo in France, Scandinavia, Benelux

Domotic’s first album was « Bye Bye ». It was released in 2002, already on
Active Suspension. Stéphane Laporte, meddlesome and sound-designer
extraordinaire from La Ciotat, raised on The Beatles, unveiled his unparalleled
melodic talents through his unique approach of instrumental electronic music.
But, four years onward, things have changed quite a great deal. Stéphane got his
own computer, and started sketching what would become a full fledged, complex,
album, which grew, quite naturally, from one studio to the other, from one
faithful musical companion to the other.
Now, after four years in the making, we wander through the bushy corridors of «
Ask For Tiger » like one wanders in a vintage old video game, through the empty
spaces of museums, along the burning borders of a swimming-pool on a hot summer
day, through the revisitation of songs that were written such a long, long time
ago. We come across a rural superhero, a pair of choppers, an anti-New Year’s
Day organisation, a satanist racoon. We rumble in krautrock and noise territory,
then stumble over random electronic textures, over existential futile
questionings, over a cover of an old Donovan song. It is definitely a
songwriter’s record, also. It is full of stupid melodies to get all emotional.
Full of guitars to knock your head off. Full of noise for exultation. It is also
definitely a researcher’s record, tinted with an urge to create new forms, new
means, to fulfill envies, methods of work. There are, eventually, stories to be
heard, whether in the form of cryptic lyrics or barenaked melodies.
Simple as hell, «Ask For Tiger», is, plain and all, a collection of sung songs,
which, stubbornly, remains an electronic record.


ELECTRONIC MUSIC COMPOSER – Abandon Music [CD Planet Mu ZIQ094] -> no promo in UK and Benelux

Electronic Music Composer consist of Ian Read and Eight Frozen Modules’ Ken
Gibson (Kompakt/Orthlorng Musork/Tigerbeat6). This is their first full length
album together. On “Abandon Music” they continue the cut-up vibe first heard on
Eight Frozen Modules’ dancehall-infused “DJ, Riddim & Source ep” and add bleeps,
acid and a heavy chaos to the mix.


FREIBAND / BOCA RATON – Product [CD Crónica 019~2005]

Crónica is proud to present her fifth installment in the Product series with
works by Freiband and Boca Raton.
Freiband’s “Replay” and Boca Raton’s “Crop.” are a pair of superb
live-recordings made on March 25th 2004 at the Muziekcentrum as part of the
EARATIONAL 2004 festival for electronic music and audio-art, ‘s-Hertogenbosch,
The Netherlands.
Freiband is the latest project by Frans de Waard, also a founding member of
Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem as well as solo projects such as Shifts and
Quest. Frans de Waard has been producing music since the mid 80s, firstly on
cassettes in the 80s and then on LPs and CD’s after-that.
Freiband was inspired by the tape-scratching of Asmus Tietchens on his CD
‘Daseinsverfehlung’, but here applied to an entirely digital context. Using
recordings that were made for the new Beequeen, a record that has a lot of
guitars, drums, organs, Frans de Waard started to rework them by scratching the
hard-disc. The result was warm,  glitchy pop-music, in which the original
instruments are barely recognizable, but sounding entirely electronical.
Tongue in cheek, De Waard calls this pop-music, music made out of popping
sounds, rather then popular music, but entirely inspired by De Waard’s love for
More than relying on melody, harmony and rhythm, these sound-works are
constructed from the fundamental building blocks of music: texture, volume and
time-elapse. A composition is made by arranging and re-arranging elements,
magnifying their characteristics, outlining tendency and by emphasizing the
intrinsic value of the material. As well as displaying an autonomously existing
sonic object, these environments are as much a carrier for the compositional
form and musical gesture.
The piece performed at Earational 2004 is the result of a series of experiments
on Quadraphony and composing along it’s six axes. On micro, meso and
macro-level, the composition contains circulating or propelling sound, both in
it’s wave-shape as in it’s structure over time. “Crop.” was composed between
december 2003 and March 2004 and performed at Earational 2004 ‘s Hertogenbosch.
The version on this CD is of course a stereo Mix-down.


GOUZY/BLEFARI/BERIDZE/PRATTER – 4 Women No Cry Vol.1 [CD/LP Monika 42] -> no promo in DE and IT

No Women No Cry kicks off with Argentinian singer Rosario Blefari’s doleful tale
of separation and renunciation (Partir y Renunciar). Subtly atmospheric, yet
deeply moving her gentle vocals and delicate guitar passages nestle between
street sounds, their mellifluence disturbed by intricate disruptions on the
follow-up Nunca. A lot of scope, a lot of unpredictability pervades Blefari’s
musical excursions, until Melodia weaves her weird and wonderful melodies into a
stunningly beautiful pop song.
Aware of her Goslab video activities we might expect Tusia Beridze aka tba to
provide a visual accompaniment to this compilation – besides journalism and
media studies the Georgian tends to focus on audiovisual productions, even
winning second price at the renowned Oberhausen Short Film Festival. Musically,
the incredibly versatile artist (check out her latest, excellent album on
max.Ernst) allows the atmospheric, narrative and culture-encompassing aspects of
her work to enter the composition: with Gorod, an immensely popular, Eastern
European campfire classic (as featured in the Russian film “Assa”), Beridze
introduces a very personal, emotional element to this collection, followed by
hypnotised, semi-somnolent confessions couched in a blend of fake strings and
real feelings (Cuet).
Parisian artist Eglantine Gouzy introduces a sharper, punctuated element to the
proceedings: her short vignettes, veering between chilled New Wave charm,
whispered elfin-like nursery rhymes (Nurse Song) and gorgeously nervous
exuberance (Boa, Y’ a pas de mal), afford luscious glimpses of Gouzy’s eclectic
fashion and art projects.
Like her peers on this compilation, Catarina Pratter is well-travelled and wise
to the world – since 2001 the Viennese singer and musician has played numerous
gigs between Sao Paulo, Berlin and her Austrian hometown and contributed to
numerous theatre productions and radio plays.
While Johnny Isolaschn constitutes an exemplary exercise in minimalist subtlety,
the subsequent Dreamin Of Love soon turns into a full-blown assault on the
senses – disregarding any musical conventions the track bores straight into our
ears and mind to unleash three songs in one, from stroppy beats to poppy
For this compilation, the original Bob Marley title (No Woman No Cry) was
subjected to a radical redefinition: Whether it is the absence or presence of
the female population these men might be crying about – why should women be
considered harbingers of sadness at all?


HEIMIR BJÖRGÚLFSSON & JONAS OHLSSON – King Glitch [CD Crónica 018~2005]

Crónica is delighted to present King Glitch, an eclectic, heretic, buzz-noise
bastard muziek adventure. If you thought Crónica’s catalogue was moving towards
hybrid-chick(en) concept guerilla, wait till you lay your ears on Björgúlfsson
and Ohlsson’s extravaganza, honors made, this Gonzo hit-record may as well pose
as an Hunter S. Thompson emotive farewell. These are tracks that may very well
have been produced while riding shotgun from LA to Las Vegas, with stops for
eating chili-dogs and occasional bowling with people that take their love for
art and artists to a totally new level, skin-deep! Do not miss the making of a
hit record video and join our heros in an amazing journey thru the valley of
stardom. These record tracks spell p-o-p while leaving trails of dust across the
road. Wham! Bring on yr steel guitar and bow to King Glitch!
Heimir Björgúlfsson (1975 Reykjavik, Iceland) lives and works in Amsterdam. His
audio works involve approaching sound with a constructed visual and physical
aspect including recent solo releases which feature natural recordings taken and
manipulated digitally and mixed with digitally generated sounds to form a an
exploration and composition focusing on the difference between natural and
digital acoustics. A recreation of natural surroundings, conceptualization of
the organic, yet immaterial, physically manmade and designed with the usage of
open ended random hard disc improvisation. Björgúlfsson’s discography includes 7
solo releases and over 20 Stilluppsteypa, The Vacuum Boys and other
collaborative releases to date. He also ran the (now deceased) label
for 11years with 24 releases under it’s belt.
Ohlsson’s words: My name is Jonas Ohlsson and I live in Amsterdam although I was
born in Örebro, Sweden. I am quite tall & chubby and I’m 37 years old. I started
to make electronic music back in 1988 when me and my best friend, Kai
Parviainen, had saved enough money to buy a Fostex 4 track recorder. We already
had an old drum machine (Cazio RZ-1) and a Pro-One analog synth. In those days
you had to fasten the record needle with a knot to create loops, cut-ups were
made by cutting up things. Short wave radios were used to create otherworldly
noises. Residents, Smersh, Severed Heads, Whitehouse, Zoviet France and NWW were
our heroes.
I also got into Jonathan Richman when I was in the States. Last year I saw him
play live in de Melkweg in Amsterdamgreat!  A month earlier (or later) In the
same venue, Whitehouse played-also great. Jonathan Richman and Whitehouse are
opposing forces, both are right and true, but Jonathan’s world view is much more
life affirming I think. Maybe if you write happy songs you become happy
yourself? Nick Cave doesn’t think so, but I never liked his music.


HELLFISH – One Man Sonic Attack Force [CD Planet Mu ZIQ124] -> no promo in UK and Benelux

It’s been a while, but here is the latest installment from DJ Hellfish (now
based in France). This cd compiles together the best moments from his recent
12″s and remixes. For the uninitiated, DJ Hellfish’s ouevre is “Hardcore Tekno”
– which evolved from UK Breakbeat Hardcore into an almost gabba-like music
combining the best of techno and jungle into an awesome hip-hop infused whole.


KEITH BERRY – The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish [CD Crouton crou028]

London composer Keith Berry’s The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish is a complex,
albeit soothing piece, stretching over nine tracks.  The movement of the piece
is akin to closing one’s eyes while floating gently down a nighttime river.  But
ironically, this slow pace demands quick attention, as the sound all around you
passes you by.  Fortunately, unlike a river experience, one gets the opportunity
to discover additional nuances, that in themselves each open new worlds with
repeated listening.  Crouton is pleased to present this mind encompassing new
work from one of the brightest electronic composers in the UK today.  His
previous work has been released on such labels as trente oiseaux, Authorized
Version, and Twenty Hertz.  This release is presented as a special hand-numbered
and limited edition of 300, packaged in a small kraft box filled with blue
smally leaves, and adorned with with an original photographic work by Keith


KONON0 No.1 – Lubuaku [CD TERP AS-09]

Konono No.1 from Kinshasa, Congo, was founded more than 25 years ago by likembe
(thumb-piano) virtuoso Mingiedi Mawangu. The band was one of the first groups to
use electric amplified likembes. They build everything themselves. The pick-ups
are made from hammered bits of car starter-motors, handwound with copper-wire,
they made wooden microphones and jack-plugs from bits of copper-wire and
branches. With a 25 watts amplifier on a car battery and the typical “lance
voix” field speakers they play fast, powerful, distorted music with the energy
and rawness of a punkband.
Konono No.1 plays music based on the tradition of the Bazombe, a tribe living on
the border of Angola and Congo. Their style is also the basis of modern
Congolese music like Zaiko Langa Langa. They have three likembes; solo,
accompaniment and bass, three drummers; congas (ngoma), cowbells and a kind of
hi-hat from metal plates, two singers, three women dancers and the mysteriously
moving “president”. It is a rough type of Congolese urban music. The lyrics give
bitter comment on the social situation in the Congo.
Tony vander Eecken, a Belgian Congo music specialist, phoned us up one day to
offer this Congolese band Konono to play on a tour with the Ex. He thought
Konono would fit better for our audience than in the regular “world-music”
circuit. We didn’t know, we believed him and he was right! It was their first
ever visit to the West, VERA their first ever gig in a rock club. The audience
was flabbergasted, what power, sound and energy. And what volume!
This CD is a tribute to Konono No.1, to that first ever gig in Holland. It’s a
rough recording, directly stereo recorded from the mixer. But the music speaks
for itself. PLAY LOUD!
(Terrie Ex from The Ex)

KONONO N°1 on Tour with TORTOISE [Thrill Jockey] 16/05 DK – Arhus, Voxhall
17/05 DK – Copenhagen, Vega
18/05 DE – Hamburg, Fabrik
19/05 BE – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
20/05 CH – Luzern, BOA
21/05 CH – Fribourg, FRI-SON
22/05 DE – Frankfurt, Mousonturm
24/05 UK – London, Royal Festival Hall
25/05 NL – Utrecht, Tivoli
26/05 DE – Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof


LALI PUNA – I thought I was over that:  rare, remixed and b-sides [2CD/2LP Morr
Music 056] -> promo only in Northern and Eastern Europe

“i thought i was over that” is the playful offspring of a band finally confident
enough to re-visit their most daring, misfitting, individually conceived moments
to date. it’s also an opportunity to look at those artists who have inspired
them in one way or another over the years, pressing them to develop through
remixes, collaborations and cover versions where their ideas blossomed from raw
material provided by other artists – and vice versa.
the list of luminaries is impressive – starting off with tim simenon’s
long-dormant bomb the bass, dragged out of hibernation for lali’s tantalising
collaboration on “clear cut”. leftfield hip-hop producer’s alias and boom bip
explore the meeting point between two seemingly incongruent generic paths, while
canadian beat supremo sixtoo adds a previously unreleased remix of “small
things” to his already vastly impressive oeuvre.
Andrew Weatherhall and Keith Tenniswood, longtime admirers of lali puna, explore
this symbiosis with two wonderfully different entries finding each band
reworking the other, while jimmy tamborello’s genre-defying dntel snuggle up
comfortably alongside post-rock originators to rococo rot (both bands here
pitching new remixes that are exclusive to this compilation), and iso 68’s
thomas leboeg undertakes the art of reduction for his mesmerising remix of
‘nin-com-pop’. even valerie’s trebeljahr’s voice is subject to these daring
maneuvers,  – with flowchart’s remix of “fast forward” it mutates into a human
beatbox that turns the band’s usual rules of engagement on their head – and yet
the music still retains that unmistakable identity.
and as if to whet the apetite,  two brand new tracks were recorded for this
collection. “The Failure of the Leading Sign Industry” is a short instrumental
piece that’s swathed in layers of static and barely discernable emissions. This
is a shrude introduction, highlighting their collective interest in even the
most personal, miniature, outsider sounds.
“past machine” is another brand new exclusive – originally written for the late,
great John Peel, perfecting the band’s line in uplifting melancholy that offsets
a classic hook with a simple tale of time passing out of reach, the stagnant
lyrics overflowing with an ennui that’s impossible to contain.


MITCHELL AKIYAMA – Small Explosions that are Yours to Keep [CD Sub Rosa SR238] -> Promo only in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain

Akiyama’s fourth and most ambitious solo recording is a sprawling work that
bristles, burns and slouches with emotion. ‘Small Explosions that are Yours to
Keep’ came into being at the twilit edges of composition and digital
manipulation and sets billowing strings drifting around household gamelans while
shimmering guitars drown in saxophone waves.
Montreal-based musician and media artist Mitchell Akiyama is perhaps best known
for his electronic deconstructions of traditional instrumental music. Since his
debut recording on Alien8 Recordings, Hope That Lines Don’t Cross, he has
emerged as one of Canada’s premier electronic composers and has recorded for
internationally renowned labels such as German minimalist label Raster Noton
(Temporary Music, 2002) and Belgian sound art innovator Sub Rosa (If night is a
weed and day grows less, 2004).
Akiyama’s music is a study in fiction and texture. He records compositions and
improvisations for piano, strings, and other instruments, and restructures them
in his studio in a post-facto montage. Playing on the distortions in causality
that recording technology can effect, Akiyama creates music that lays claim to a
moment of creation that never happened. Imperfections – fingers scraping
strings, breaths and other signs of humanity – are underscored resulting in a
digital simulacrum of performance. Located somewhere in the interstices of
classical, electronic composition and post-rock, his works vacillate between
delicate melodies and confrontational bursts of noise.


MORCEAUX DE MACHINES – Estrapade [CD No Type IMNT 0413]

Sophomore CD for this duo known for their intense, take-no-prisoners approach to
improv noise. This time though, they have brought along special guests of world
reknown. morceaux_de_machines have so far been invited to perform at prestigious
festivals such as Mutek, Victo or Pop Montreal. The year 2004 has seen the group
rummage through its first European (France/Belgium) tour. Various live gigs have
seen the group play alongside The Unireverse, Books on Tape, Klaxon Gueule or
The Donkeys. This new CD, more violent than the previous one Liberum arbitrium
(itself a rather tough cookie), features new collaborations with Otomo
Yoshihide, Martin Tétreault as well as Diane Labrosse, all of which were
recorded live. The other tracks have been recorded in studio.


PETER REHBERG – Fremdkoerper [CD mosz 007]

Peter Rehberg born 1968, is an author and performer of electronic audio works
living and working in Vienna, Austria.
Rehberg has given numerous live performances both solo and collaborative all
over the world.
he has collaborated live and in studio with Ramon Bauer, General Magic, Jim
O’Rourke, Christian Fennesz, Tina Frank, Tujiko Noriko, Kevin Drumm, Russell
Haswell, Florian Hecker, Carlos Giffoni, Mika Vainio, Zbigniew Karkowski, Sonic
Youth, Rosy Parlane, Keith Rowe, Kaffe Matthews, Marcus Schmickler, AMM, Dennis
Cooper, as well as being a member of MIMEO.
Rehberg took part in the 2nd Göteborg Art Biennale (Against All Evens) curated
by CM von Hausswolff.
‘fremdkoerper’ [mosz007] is a collaboration with choreographer Chris Haring.
it’s not rehberg’s first work with dancers. he has composed music for dance
companies before (like dacm).
Haring’s dance production is about alienation, alienated bodies. Rehberg
focusses on this ‘leitmotif’ – his sounds are quite weird – drones and dramatic
scores alternate, being put in a rather unsettling way.
unlike Rehberg’s last release on häpna – ‘get off’ – ‘fremdkoerper’ lacks of
structuring dramaturgy. the single pieces are mounted to an atmospheric
soundtrack changing with the movements of the dancers (which can’t be seen but


ROBERT NORMANDEAU – Puzzles [DVD empreintes DIGITALes IMED 0575]

Seventh release for the world reknowned composer, Robert Normandeau, and the
first DVD-Audio for the empreintes DIGITALes label. Puzzles compiles five works
which Robert Normandeau has written for theatre. These pieces were specially
remixed for this release. An technological premiere: this release is the first
empreintes DIGITALES production which is available in the DVD-Audio “Advanced
Resolution” format. This format allows six-channel (5.1) Surround sound as well
as increased resolution (24-bit), making the disc comparable to a concert
This release is also compatible with DVD-Video players (attention: this release
doesn’t contain actual video material.) A surround system is not necessary as
stereo versions (2.0) of all pieces are also included; it thus can be played
back on a regular stereo systems. Lastly, a DVD-ROM portion includes the
contents of the disc in 320 kbps MP3 format.


SHITMAT – The Lesser Spotted Burberry [EP Planet Mu ZIQ118] -> No promo in UK and Benelux

After the success of last year’s “Killababylonkutz” and “Full English Breakfest”
full lengths, UK’s Shitmat (Henry Collins) changes tack slightly with this
ragga-less collection of upfront, more aggressive tracks. Heavy on the distorted
gabba kicks and breaks but with a much darker sense of humour than before, Henry
unsettles us and scares us more than we thought possible!


THE PEPPERMINTS – Jesus Chryst [CD/LP Paw Tracks PAW7]

Over the years San Diego’s THE PEPPERMINTS have brutalized many a town, blown
out many a speaker, blackened many an eye, and blistered many an eardrum. What
began as an idea (pure, dirty, and loud) became an ideal for these
self-proclaimed kings and queens of experimental barfy trash-rock.  The Animal
Collective, having befriended the group years ago and being thoroughly impressed
with their sound and live show, asked them to record this record for their Paw
Tracks imprint.
Often compared to groups like Melt Banana, Joan Jett, The Fall, and The Soft
Boys, but ultimately flummoxing even the most erudite and articulate critic, THE
PEPPERMINTS now unleash their second full-length JESUS CHRYST and await the


V.A. – -40 [CD/DVD C0C0S0L1DC1T1 csc011]

-40 is an incredibly unique CD and DVD project that gathers together artists
like Akufen, Deadbeat, Venetian Snares, Knifehandchop, Secret Mommy, Lowfish,
and DMC World Champion DJ Dopey to reconfigure old school propaganda films with
new school digital tools. The internationally renowned National Film Board of
Canada opened its vaults to 20 Canadian artists, 10 audio and 10 video, who were
given the challenge to re-interpret either the audio or visual element of 1940s
era Canadian propaganda films produced in the early years of the NFB. Using
digital means, the artists rework the textured analogue source material to
create some daringly original works.
The audio artists are featured on the CD as well as their tracks appearing on
the DVD as new soundtracks to accompany unadulterated portions of their chosen
source film. The audio tracks are equally as compelling as soundtracks and
tracks for the dancefloor. Like propaganda itself, this project straddles art
and popular culture. With world war once again on the international agenda,
these works are timely reflections upon nationalism, the evolving political art
of propaganda and social manipulation, racism and the economics of war.


V.A. (SCANNER, ONETHEMA, QUENCH, ROD)  – NOW 02 [12″ underscan us009]

The second offering in Underscan´s compilation series titled “NOW” presents
works of SCANNER, ONETHEMA, QUENCH and ROD. Available soon as a limited pressing
of 500 records to showcase what Underscan is all about.
SCANNER starts off with “INTERREUM” a slowly building track originally composed
for a movie and installation about trains that was premiered in Leipzig by end
of 2004 called “Soundtrain”. By using string samples and industrial beats the
track evolves to a fast paced train ride that originally coincided with images
of related visual footage responding to the music.
ONETHEMA´s “MONOCARPIC” sets the pace back for some future instrumental HipHop
explorations. As XLR8R once put it: “Another music revolution is being ushered
in by producers like 20-year-old London resident Simon Petre (Onethema)”. A
totally stunning composition giving an insight in what future music can sound
like today.
QUENCH aka the Funken Brothers from the Netherlands (also known as the producers
of Shadowhuntaz or Funckarma) head back to classical Electronica/IDM structures
with “SLICK” where splattered beatz meet up with gorgeous melodies to form a
unique listening pleasure.
ROD finishes this second installement of the series with the track “SANTAS
FACTORY”. Industrial beats evoke a dramatic, melancholy feel that one would not
have expected from Rod who is know for his beautiful melodic compositions from
the “All My Love” EP released earlier this year. This time he heads straight to
head nodding repetitive beat explorations and focuses on heavy drums and bass
instead of sparkling melodies.


VIRUS SYNDICATE – The Work Related Illness [CD/2LP Planet Mu ZIQ120] -> no promo in UK and Benelux

Virus Syndicate are Manchester’s most well known Grime crew, representing the
North-west UK in their inimitable style. Their debut album “The Work Related
Illness” really is everything anyone could hope for in this arena – a cartoon
gangster movie of an album with beginning, middle & end – all the tracks flow
into each other in a narrative: the entire album tells a story and all the
tracks could have been singles. Full of humour, the Virus Syndicate don’t just
diss other MCs, they poke fun at themselves too, on tracks such as “Girls” in
which they come on in full misogynist glory but end up with the girls anyway, or
“Wasted” in which they … get wasted. The finale of “Get Money” and “Taxman”
has to be heard to be believed – it sets your neck hairs on edge. It may not
have the promotional budget of the majors, you may be hearing more of Kano and
Roll Deep, but for us it’s grime album of the year by far.

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TORTOISE / KONONO N°1 [Thrill Jockey/Terp] 16/05 DK – Arhus, Voxhall
17/05 DK – Copenhagen, Vega
18/05 DE – Hamburg, Fabrik
19/05 BE – Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
20/05 CH – Luzern, BOA
21/05 CH – Fribourg, FRI-SON
22/05 DE – Frankfurt, Mousonturm
24/05 UK – London, Royal Festival Hall
25/05 NL – Utrecht, Tivoli
26/05 DE – Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof

THILGES3 [Staubgold] / METALYCEE [Mosz] 08/04 FR – metalycée@ i.d.e.a.l festival nantes, le lieu unique
27/04 US – thilges3 and eyvind kang @ moving patterns NY austrian cultural forum
new york with: gustav, fennesz…
28/04 US – thilges3 eyvind kang and okk yung lee @ tonic NY

XABIER ERKIZIA & ANLA COURTIS [Antifrost] 06/04 Auditorio Univ. Catolica, Lima, Peru
07/04 CCE, Lima, Peru
09/04 Galeria Virgilio, Sao Paulo, Brasil
12/04 Galeria Vermelho, Sao Paulo, Brasil

ILIOS [Antifrost] 07/05 GR – Poka-Yio performance, Athens
30/05 FR – Instant Chavires, Paris

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