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Nuove Uscite e Tour In Giro Per Il Mondo. In English.


summer has finally returned to Berlin and instead of letting us enjoy the
fleeting moments
of sunshine and a warm breeze, driven musicians relentlessly ‘create.’ And we
have to bear the brunt of their productivity. The communal animals that we are,
we thought, let’s share with the rest of the people out there and, thus, another
fine selection of adventurous music is ready to be unleashed onto an
unsuspecting (but surely receptive) public.

Please contact us if any of the artists catch your interest or if you like to
display your altruism by commiserating with us about the weather.

Have a relaxed August,

Your Dense Promotion team

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Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished) [CD Crónica] HELLA / FOUR TET – split – Div/orce Series 1 [7″ Ache Records] I’M NOT A GUN – Our Lives On Wednesdays [CD/LP City Centre Offices] ILIOS – Encyclopedia – RW [CD Antifrost] JOHN HUDAK / JASON KAHN / BRUCE TOVSKY – For the Time Being [CD Cut] MARK ONE (featuring VIRUS SYNDICATE) – One Way [CD Planet Mu 3LP/CD] MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER – Stories [CD Quecksilber] MYRAKARU – Tammetõru [CD/LP Expanding] O.BLAAT – Two Novels: Gaze / In the Cochlea [CD Crónica] PANDA BEAR – Young Prayer [CD/LP Paw Tracks] SHITMAT – Full English Breakfest [CD Planet Mu] SONIC SUBJUNKIES – Molotov Lounge [LP Lux Nigra] SVEN-ÅKE JOHANSSON – with the NMUI in SO 36 ’79 [CD GROB/OLOF BRIGHT] THE KONKI DUET – Il Fait Tout Gris [CD Active Suspension] V.A. – ANTHOLOGY OF PORTUGUESE ELECTRONIC MUSIC [CD Tomlab] V.A. – TEMPO TECHNIK TEAMWORK [2CD Staubgold] V.A. – VS FBL Remixes [LP Spa.RK]

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Since the work of Anthony Braxton, Sonny Rollins, Steve Lacy or Evan Parker,
solo saxophone recordings are no longer a ‘problem.’ And especially recordings
of solo soprano saxophone – Parker and Lacy (and Lol Coxhill) have more than
just rehabilitated this instrument, long neglected by jazz
and improvised music. Solo recording has become so canonized that an improvising
saxophone player is expected, at some time, to make a solo album.
Alessandro Bosetti, from Milan, Italy, who has been living in Berlin since 2000,
is a composer of electro-acoustic music, an author of experimental radio plays,
one of the central figures of the Berlin improv scene, label boss and soprano
saxophone player. Zona presents HIS solo saxophone album. The music was recorded
in an East-Berlin radio station at the beginning of 2003. The pieces were
recorded with a total of six microphones, each of which took a different
position in the room: one far away, taking in the sound, one very close,
catching only the austere sound of the saxophone.What he processed are the
individual recording tracks, the individual microphone positions. He cut them up
– not with a pair of scissors, but virtually in a digital studio –
and put them back together anew, making one track out of six. A small but highly
thought-out operation which transforms these improvisations into
electro-acoustic compositions.


Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished) [CD Crónica 014]

Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished) is Crónica’s
fourteenth release and documents an astonishing performance by Heimir
Björgúlfsson, Pimmon and Helgi Thorsson, recorded live at the Melkfabriek, Den
Bosch on October 5-6th 2002, later edited by Robert Hampson at Thirst, London in
November/December 2002.
Björgúlfsson’s audio works involve approaching sound with a constructed visual
and physical aspect including recent solo releases which feature natural
recordings taken and manipulated digitally and mixed with artificially generated
sounds to focus on the difference between natural and digital acoustics. His
discography includes almost 30 solo and collaborative releases (e.g.
Stilluppsteypa, The Vacuum Boys). For more than 10 years he also ran the (now
deceased) label with 24 releases under its belt.
Pimmon, a Sydney, Australia native, explores his love of sound, whether it be
pop, minimal composition, exotic drones or field recordings and seeks to create
an emotive and compelling listening experience. Some of his releases include
Electronic Tax Return, an example of his live sound recorded at the Big Day Out
on Kid606’s Tigerbeat6 label; Assembler, an interactive release based on the
Assembler computer language on; most recently Snaps*Crackles*Pops
which was voted in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Top 50 CDs of 2003.
Thorsson is a founding member of Stilluppsteypa with many releases in Europe,
USA and Japan.


HELLA / FOUR TET – split – Div/orce Series 1 [7″ Ache Records ACHE013]

Those who are uncomfortable with the uncommon, or with new land unmapped, will
squirm at the effortless naivety in which Sacramento’s HELLA deconstruct the
idea of ‘genre’. Do not mistake Zach’s drumming for programming. The precision
with which he plays will be the topic of many a heated argument about whether or
not a drummer can be that good. Those of us lucky enough to see HELLA perform
have had our skepticism disintegrated.
While it is the big picture of HELLA that is uncharted, it is the tiny fibers in
FOUR TET’s case. Every microbe of sound is a map to the next. Every sample is
new land begging to be pioneered. Free jazz drum samples evolve from delicate to
nonsensical, as the melody plays on, oblivious. FOUR TET has championed the art
of sample-based music, which is well documented on his three full lengths and
numerous EPs. He has done remixes for RADIOHEAD, BETH ORTON, and SUPER FURY
ANIMALS among others. How fitting that these acts grace this 7″ – the first in a
series of nine 7″s devoted to challenging those who pigeonhole art, forcing
beauty into makeshift genres, as these artists are the foundation of such
ideals. They could not create anything half as brave as they do, under any form
of social code.
For them we have created the DIV/ORCE SERIES which will over the next few months
feature such diverse artists as KID606, KID COMMANDO, GOLDCHAINS, RED LIGHT
STING, and MATMOS amongst others.


I’M NOT A GUN – Our Lives On Wednesdays
[CD/LP City Centre Offices Towerblock 022] -> promo only in France, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe

background: it’s a busy life being john tejada, a man who has graced some of the
world’s most highly regarded independent labels with his signature presence –
from the mighty playhouse to detroit’s 7th city and onto ferox, jazzanova, plug
research, scape and even sub pop – all the way to his own palette recordings
imprint. but it’s together with japanese multi-instrumentalist takeshi
nishimoto, however, that john has produced perhaps his most remarkable work – an
acoustic overflow of ideas and post-rock configurations  known as ‘i’m not a
gun’ – a project that has already delighted with a debut album for cco entitled
“everything at once” (towerblock 011) released early last year. our lives on
wednesdays: for the last five years, almost without fail, john tejada and
takeshi nishimoto have swept aside their busy schedules every wednesday to
record material for their ‘i’m not a gun’ project. john plays the drums, the
guitar and his trusted laptop, while takeshi completes the equation with his
signature guitar and bass padding. their music is not only a homage to the
post-rock soundscaping that chicago has become so well known for, it’s an
advancement of its sound. Swaying from the intuitive, slowly considered
aesthetic of the patches, plug-ins and modules that dominate tejada’s electronic
constructions to the sounds made by a gently strummed guitar and the dusty sweep
of the drums – it’s always about those special moments withdrawn from the every
day, just two musicians making music they love, taking their time. who knows
what they’ll come up with next wednesday? there’s a lifetime of tracks to
discover until then.


ILIOS – Encyclopedia – RW [CD Antifrost afro2024] -> no promo in Spain

Some kind of jubilee: Encyclopedia, the third album of Ilios, was the first
Antifrost release.
This 1993 work of ilios is now reworked by friends and collaborators of Ilios
and Antifrost.
With: Jazzkammer, Francisco Lopez, Mattin, Leif Elggren, Alexei Borisov, Anton
Nikilla, Marc Behrens, X.Erkizia, Jason Kahn, Bernd Schurer, Nishide Takehiro,
Anla Courtis, Panos Ghikas, Daniel Menche, Zbigniew Karkowski, as11, Coti K, and
Joe Colley to mark the 20th release of Antifrost.


JOHN HUDAK / JASON KAHN / BRUCE TOVSKY – For the Time Being [CD Cut 011]

“For the Time Being” presents John Hudak in two rare live settings. Better known
for his shimmering, mesmerizing compositional work and installations, live
concert recordings of Hudak have been scarce in recent years. The concert
recordings on «For the Time Being» provide the opportunity to hear Hudak in two
different live improvisational contexts. The first piece on the CD pairs Hudak
with Jason Kahn, performing on the occasion of Kahn’s sound installation
«Winter» in the Diapason Gallery, New York. Soundfiles from the installation
(recordings of falling snow) and field recordings made in Dobbs Ferry, New York,
near John’s home provide the working material for this concert. The second piece
features Hudak with Bruce Tovsky at the Roulette Festival of Mixology in New
York. For this performance both Hudak and Tovsky process their guitar playing in
real time with audio applications designed in the Max MSP programming


MARK ONE (featuring VIRUS SYNDICATE) – One Way [CD Planet Mu 3LP/CD ZIQ112] -> no promo in France, UK and Benelux

Manchester’s MarkOne has been causing a stir on the Grime
(Dubstep/Sublow/Forward) scene since his first release on his own label
‘Contagious’ over two years ago. He has appeared in a handful of magazines,
including Deuce, Mixmag, B&S and Touch to name but a few and was nominated for
BEST GRIME PRODUCER at the 2003 Sidewinder awards.
Planet Mu Records are pleased to present MarkOne’s first artist album “OneWay”.
With this album Mark is crossing over & fusing different styles with grime like
hip hop, electro & dnb, but all with that menacing bass and spacey production
that is a hallmark of the MarkOne sound – a more grimey, industrial, future
sound than his previous breaks influenced releases.
Mark has played with the Virus Syndicate (who have a show on Rinse FM) and all
over the UK as well as internationally; including One Nation in Germany. Rephlex
recently took MarkOne and Plasticman on tour to the US where they rocked it
every time.


MICHAEL J. SCHUMACHER – Stories [CD Quecksilber 8] -> Promo only in UK, France, Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

The new album by composer, performer and installation artist Michael J.
Schumacher from New York City after the critically acclaimed “Room Pieces”, on
the XI label, which was rated best of 2003 for “modern composition” by The Wire
magazine. Feat. guest musicians Tim Barnes, Charles Curtis, Donald Miller, Peter
Zummo, George Bishop and many more.
Michael J. Schumacher works predominantly with electronic and digital media,
specializing in computer generated sound environments which evolve continuously
for long time periods. He has collaborated with and performed works of La Monte
Young, Terry Jennings, Morton Feldman, Tetsu Inoue, Steve Roden, and Stephen
“Stories” refers to the idea of layering, the process of building a structure by
stacking things on top of each other. This procedure is particularly evident in
“Room Pieces New York”, in which as many as 23 parts play simultaneously.
Listeners are invited to create their own melodies by letting their ears follow
the sounds moment by moment, allowing spontaneous pathways linking the various
voices to emerge effortlessly.

02/09 DE – berlin, suite in parochial festival, parochialkirche (w/Kaffe


MYRAKARU – Tammetõru [CD/LP Expanding ecd16:04/eva8:04] -> no promo in UK

Estonians Indrek Tamm and Joel Tammik usually create their music separately, but
work with each other`s ideas when designing sound and rhythm.
Myrakaru began their existence in the year 2000, participating on the
Estonianelectronic/non-electronic compilation called “Tallinn, psühhedeelne
linn”(“Tallinn, A Psychedelic City”). At the time, the music created by Myrakaru
was mostly breakbeat/braindance rhythms wriggling with minimal melodic
soundwaves. Myrakaru were invited to almost all the events of alternative music
in Estonia, and their appearances were very noisy and chaotic. However, soon the
subtle and melodic meanderings came along as well, culminating on Myrakaru’s
debut album “Tammetõru” released by Expanding Records. Among other little things
by Myrakaru figures the soudtrack for an Estonian animation called “Jõehobu
Jõksu lood” (“Jippo The Hippo’s Adventures”) with the scenario written by a
9-year-old schoolboy.
Apart from their debut album “Tammetõru” they have also recently released the 7″
single ‘klutic reso’ as part of the second evs series of 7″ singles for
Expanding Records.


O.BLAAT – Two Novels: Gaze / In the Cochlea [CD Crónica 012]

This is o.blaat’s first release and introduces her as one of the players of the
New York downtown electronic music scene. Based in Brooklyn, sound artist,
composer, [electroluxe] event schemer, core member of SHARE, o.blaat (Keiko
Uenishi) is known for creating various interactive audio environments such as
‘beat piece (with Ping-Pong game)’, ‘audio coat check’, ‘coupier’ and ‘fillip’.
“I once saw o.blaat perform seated with her laptop in the back of a club,
connected to the stage by a string of lights, like an umbilical cord she was
holding on to while at the same time eager to break. The confused audience was
looking at an empty stage oblivious to the performer in the back. With our
experience of music being more and more mediated it seems normal that the live
physical presence of the performer is being questioned by musicians like
o.blaat. How can one reconcile the live presence of musicians with acousmatic
music, now so easily downloadable whenever and wherever you are? For this CD
o.blaat interfaces with some of her regular collaborators such as Kaffe
Matthews, Toshio Kajiwara, DJ Olive, Eyvind Kang, Ikue Mori, Aki Onda & Akio
Mokuno. The second half of the CD is designed for headphones listening, like a
scientist looking through a microscope. It reveals soundscapes full of minutiae
and electric movements.” (excerpt from Christian Marclay’s liner notes)


PANDA BEAR – Young Prayer [CD/LP Paw Tracks PAW2] -> no promo in UK

In the midst of 2002, with much of his attention focused on his work with the
Brooklyn-based ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, PANDA BEAR stepped aside to a more intimate
space to reflect upon the death of his father. The resulting “Young Prayer”,
often coming much closer to classical composition than to the noise/pop
experimentations of the ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, is a collection of beautifully
personal and introspective songs. “Young Prayer,” recorded in Panda Bear’s
childhood home by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE member DEAKIN and further produced by the
mysterious ANIMAL COLLECTIVE brothers known as COME WINTER, guarantees a
listening experience as interesting as any ANIMAL COLLECTIVE release thus far. A
truly soulful album, “Young Prayer” is both sonically gorgeous and spiritually


SHITMAT – Full English Breakfest [CD Planet Mu ZIQ105] -> no promo in France, UK and Benelux

“Full English Break-fest” is Shitmat’s debut proper: the follow up to the
brilliant “KillaBabylonKutz” doublepack. It’s a compilation of the best tracks
from the preceding months’ series of five classic EPs. An embarassment of
riches: “Day O” takes the ‘Banana Boat Song’ and turns it into a classic amen
junglist lighter anthem; “Dubplate Murder Sound” is a slow-burner, building up
through dancehall and rare groove into a floor-friendly roller…”There’s No
Business Like Propa’ Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz” reinterprets Irving Berlin’s
classic show song in a way he surely never intended and “Dis Dancehall Ting…”
is the best jungle version of Aled Jones’ “Walking In The Air” you’ll ever hear.
Add to this the best in psytrance Blue Peter mashups and breakbeat ‘ardcore odes
to Big Ben and you have one of the defining albums for 2000s breakcore that will
rock any open-minded night. As featured in the legendary live Shitmat shows of
the last year and a half – this is the junglistic breakcore classic of the
future – do not miss out!


SONIC SUBJUNKIES – Molotov Lounge [LP Lux Nigra lnv25] -> no promo in UK, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe

Sonic Subjunkies were part of the first wave of artists on Digital Hardcore
Recordings, Alec Empire’s label. Immersed in the legendary early 90s Berlin
techno scene and influenced by UK Breakbeats, hard techno, the energy of violent
gabba bassdrums and, most importantly, the power of TV and film samples, the
Sonic Subjunkies (Thaddi, Rob.Marvin, Holger Phrack) released two EPs on DHR
(“Suburban Soundtracks Pt.1” (DHR 3 – 1994) and “Turntable Terrorism” (DHR 5 –
1995)), merging breakbeats, acid and obscure samples, mainly in German. Recorded
on a modest setup (Atari, 909, 303, cheap mixer and cheap sampler (16bit
though…)), those early tracks did not really care about precise programming
skills, but focused on the overwhelming energy of the beats and samples.
Molotov Lounge was recorded in 1997/98 and originally released in 1998 on Iris
Light (CD only), “Molotov Lounge” combines the rough energy of the old days
which started it all with a more sophisticated approach towards sound and
structure. Clearly influenced by the emerging movement of what people called
“IDM” in the mid-90s, “Molotov Lounge” still works beautifully, even today.
1000 copies of “Molotov Lounge” sold very quickly. Due to circumstances beyond
the group’s control, the planned vinyl version of the album never saw the light
of day, only a few test pressings were distributed. Thaddi moved on, was one of
the founding members of the label “City Centre Offices”, and released more music
(both as a member of Herrmann & Kleine (Morr Music) and as a remixer (e.g. on
Lux Nigra)). Having been friends with Lux Nigra from the start, whose aesthetics
are based on the same background, a re-release of “Molotov Lounge” on Lux Nigra
is a perfectly natural move.



Sven-Åke Johansson’s art has been well documented, and yet there are still
discoveries to be found in his cosmos: among these is his work with large
groups. One knows the music he has made with jazz combos, free improvising duos
and trios or classic free jazz ensembles. He has written pieces for music
theatre as well as for new music. He has, however, repeatedly tried out
improvisational models in orchestra-like situations – and it is this work that
has hardly been documented.
In the middle of the 80’s, Johannson released a single “Sven-Åke Johansson with
the NMUI in SO 36 ’79” in cooperation with the Berlin-based label, FMP. Hidden
behind the cryptic abbreviation NMUI is North European Melody and Improvisation
Orchestra [in German, Nordeuropäische Melodie- und Improvisationsorchester]. A
group, which in addition to Johansson (on drums and accordion), was made up of
Rüdiger Carl (tenor saxophone, accordeon), Wolfgang Fuchs (diverse wooden reed
instruments), the trombonists Radu Malfatti and Thomas Wiedermann, Hans Reichel
on guitar, Norbert Eisbrenner on violin and Maarten Altena van Regteren on bass
and cello. It goes without saying: an all-star ensemble.
The single, with a cover from Martin Kippenberger, who also financially
supported the recording, contained a twelve-minute section from a concert that,
of course, lasted much longer. For nearly 20 years, this single remained the
only evidence of Johansson’s large ensemble work – until this recording, which
almost exactly 25 years later to the very day – documents that concert in its
full length. From this diverse pairing of talents pulsing free jazz results,
flights in new music and, again and again, Berlin folk music. With care, the
NMUI adapts the swaying classic “Bis früh um fünfe/wir sind immer noch Berliner”
[Until early at five in the morning/We’re all still from Berlin]. “Berlin Folk
Music” – this refers to the location where this music was performed: at the
legendary concert hall SO 36 in the middle of the Kreuzberg quarter of Berlin.
Back then in 1979 Martin Kippenberger programmed the concerts and staged
everything that was radical and good: punk, industrial, wave, avant-pop and free
jazz again and again. The audience, mostly punks, – accepted the aesthetic
challenge and reacted aggressively.  The recording reveals heckling, loud
screaming, displays of displeasure…. The musicians don’t let themselves be
intimidated. In contrast, the music sounds even more emphatic.With this
restoration of this legendary performance, GROB continues the cooperation with
Sven-Åke Johansson which began last year (see Hudson Riv GROB 542). Other
recordings will follow.


THE KONKI DUET – Il Fait Tout Gris [CD Active Suspension ACD10] -> no promo in UK, Benelux, France

The Konki Duet is an imperfect yet ideal equilibrium between the sweet honey of
Kumi (Tokyo), the strokes of gloominess and dysphony of Zoé (paris), and the hot
classical excitations of Tamara (St Petersburg). But not only. Also: the
violence of love stories never entered into, of chocolate that melts too fast,
the dadaism of a freakishly aggressive high tone hanging on the cotton wool
fabric of a whistled melody; Bach’s or Scriabin’s piano counterpoints, the weird
audio textures of mind numbing electronics, the irrational intertwinings of
Robert Wyatt, the vocal interminglings of the Beach Boys and of some old
medieval recitatives.
“Il Fait Tout Gris” is The Konki Duet’s debut album. I.e.,  twelve songs, sung
in French, in Japanese, in English or in silence, of easy sadness or of harsh
euphoria, of either gloomy or amply sunbathed atmospheres, of little dissonant
symphonies and pocket musicals, of superior pop-songs and gifted ruptures, of
naive facilities and abyssal obscurities…


V.A. – ANTHOLOGY OF PORTUGUESE ELECTRONIC MUSIC [CD Tomlab tom38] -> Promo only in France and UK

This anthology covers authors and works informed by very different cultural
backgrounds, normal as it is to the “inhabitants” of each cultural environment
to live in somehow isolated communities. My goal was to weave a historic thread
that would freely cross boundaries between the authors’ cultural territories and
also to document as many approaches to electronic music as possible, both on
material and conceptual levels.
It’s a work that i approached with both an artistic and personal perspective.
That is to say, the anthology is also to be a work on its own, and relations
between the pieces represented were determined by musical criteria, rather than
chronological or other. I also intended to provide a view into each author in a
possibly surprising way, always trying to escape each one’s typical image, as
well as to subtly evoke a playful dimension in creative processes.
These excerpts were chosen (by Plancton Music at first and myself later) because
of their musical importance and historic relevance (either collective or
personal). However, using this approach, the present anthology couldn’t and
wouldn’t pretend to be exhaustive or complete. (Rafael Toral)

Tracks by; Nuno Canavarro, Cândido Lima, Nuno Rebelo, Isabel Soveral, Filipe
Pires, Telectu, Jorge Peixinho, Rafael Toral, João Pedro Oliveira, Anar Band,
René Bertholo, Carlos Zíngaro, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, No Noise
Reduction, António Ferreira


V.A. – TEMPO TECHNIK TEAMWORK [2CD Staubgold 55] -> Promo only in UK, France, Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

The new Staubgold label compilation comes as a double cd with 26 tracks for a
special price. Included are new and unreleased tracks by Ekkehard Ehlers and
John Fruiscante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Sun,
Klangwart, Faust, Dälek and many more.
Since the last Staubgold retrospective “Music out of place” (staubgold 35 cd/lp)
has the label not only moved its homebase from Cologne to Berlin, but it has
also broadened its perspective on music. Back in 2002, Staubgold was synonymous
with experimental and electronic music of all kinds. This notion has been
increasingly disrupted by the addition of artists like Sun, Faust or FS Blumm to
the Staubgold roster. Musicians like Mapstation, Reuber or Harald “Sack” Ziegler
have increasingly combined acoustic and electronic instruments. Incorporating
the diverse artist portfolio of its recently founded sublabel Quecksilber (AGF,
Paul Wirkus or the Loop Orchestra, for example) extended the open-minded
approach of Staubgold even more.
As opposed to many other labels, it is not the goal of Staubgold to occupy just
one niche defined by either means of production (for example the computer),
means of expression (“electronica”, “clicks and cuts”) or a geographical
proximity (Cologne, Berlin). The artists represented on “Tempo Technik Teamwork”
are at home in many diverse genres off the mainstream. Their flirts with New
Music are just as gallant as those with Electronica or Indie Pop – be it in
Cologne, Berlin, Sydney or New

15/08 DE – cologne, c/o pop festival, mtc
feat. MINIT (live), PAUL WIRKUS (live) , Staubgold Sound System (djs)


V.A. – VS FBL Remixes [LP Spa.RK sp9lp] -> no promo in Spain and UK

It finally sees the light of the day. One of our most special projects, delayed
again and again due to thousands of catastrophes… but here it is. VS FBL REMIXES
is a vinyl-only album, containing remixes based on FIBLA tracks, but not from
the acclaimed “Lent” album (released late last year) but from different
previously released tracks on various compilations. An excellent payroll of
guests, in-house friends and collaborators, offering their best on an 8-track
album: from the hip-hopism of Rec Overflow and Eedl to the winning 80’s sound by
Ola Bergman (excellent records on Skam and New Speak); the sinewave manipulation
of .tape. (the wonder Spanish boy releasing on tons of different labels around
the world, and a peek at his new album on spa.RK later this year) to the
master-and-commander L’Usine (no need to mention his extensive discography on
labels such as Hymen or Inc_Us); the Expanding boys Stendec or our American
friend Phluidbox and Barcelonian Braille (is it possible for electronica to
sound sweeter than this?).
A collection of tracks that appeals to vinyl electronica lovers and music
collectors, that proves how close apparently different proposals actually are
and showcases the way electronica is nowadays diversified. A color chart made by
amazing tones.

>>> >>> >>>


MITCHELL AKIYAMA [intr_version/Sub Rosa] 12/09 GR – athens, videodance festival

AMUTE [intr_version] 14/08 CZ – prague (alternatif cafe)
27/08 BE – kortirijk (happy new ears festival)
10/09 BE – aalst (a lost souls)
01/10 BE – brussels (ab clus w/ fennesz)

ANTON NIKKILÄ [NB Research Digest] 06/08 DE – Garage Festival, Stralsund w/ Alexei Borisov
04/09 NO – Lokofon Festival, Kirkenes
23/10 BE – Anton Nikkilä at Argos Festival w/ Alexei Borisov

MINIT + Staubgold Sound System [Staubgold] 13/08 NL – nijmegen, extrapool
14/08 NL – amsterdam, occi
15/08 DE – cologne, c/o pop festival, mtc

KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF [Quecksilber/Morr Music] 19/08 DE – hamburg, kampnagel (lakoon)
20/08 BE – hasselt, pukkelpop festival

PAUL WIRKUS [Quecksilber] 06-08/08 PL – plock, astigmatic festival
15/08 DE – cologne, c/o pop festival, mtc

08/08 ES – benicassim festival
feat. Institut Fuer Feinmotorik (live + djs), Mapstation (live), FS Blumm
(live), Markus Detmer (DJ)

ILIOS, AS11 [Antifrost] 05/09 JP – Uplink, Shibuya, Tokyo
10/09 JP – Cafe Independent, Kyoto
11/09 JP – tba, Kobe
12/09 JP – KD Japon , Nagoya
15/09 JP – D.O.M, Shinjuku, Tokyo

ALEXEI BORISOV [NB Research Digest] 15/10 PL – Unsound Festival, Krakow

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