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Live Martedì 27Luglio On Terrazzammare Jesolo Lido (Ve).

Martedì 27 Luglio 2004

Oh no! It’s another:
brit tunes with pop attitude
pop tunes with brit attitude
c/o Terrazzamare (

Free Selections by: Sirbilly Experience

Vigilano su di noi: ESG, Our Daughter’s Wedding, Tch Tch Tch, The Killers, Prag Vec, Yello, Big Boss Man, Saint Etienne, Pig Bag, Momus, Liquid Liquid, Shed Seven, Burt Bacharach, Shocking Blue, Serge Gainsbourg, The Loves, The Ordinary Boys, Electroluvs, Nina Hagen, The Fever, Gang Of Four, Pankow, Age Of Chance, Felt, IMA Robot, The Fall, Art Brut, Neulander, Nouvelle Vague, P.I.L., Trabant, A.R.E. Weapons, Wire, Cabaret Voltaire, Perez Prado, Balanescu Quartet, John Barry, Silicon Teens, Electronicat, DJ Hell, World Of Twist, Velocette, Yamaguchi, Monochrome Set, New Rhodes, Sushirobo, I Am The World Trade Center, Medium Medium, The Creatures, Beloved, Paul Haig, Colder, Nyam Nyam, Neon, Delta 5, Liliput, The Magnificents, The Faint, Inspiral Carpets, Menswear, Age Of Jets, Bloc Party, Raveonettes, Associates, Black Dice, The Sounds, Slits, Von Bondies, Chikinki, Malaria, Devo, Viva Stereo, Polanski, Futureheads, Rip Rig & Panic, Lounge Lizards, Jay Jay Johanson…

HOTélDISCO playlist
July 2004

.Album Of The Month. The Faint – Wet From Birth (pre-release)
I Maniaci Dei Dischi – Più Calore
Lorraine – The Perfect Cure
Vinny Peculiar – Replica Shirt
Boys Of Scandinavia – Worse Than A Girl
The Creatures – Right Now
23 Skidoo – Coup
Murcof – Ulysses (Deathprod Mix)
Pig Bag – Papa’s Got A Brand New PigBag (Extended)
Campag Velocet – Ain’t No Funki Tangerine
Moving Units – Available (Junior Sanchez 12″mix)
Medium Medium – Hungry, So Angry
Radio 4 – Party Crashers (Ashley Beedle NY After Dark Vocal Mix)
The Magnificents – The Russian Disco
Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag (12″ Version)
Chikinki – Assassinator 13
The Legends – Lady Godiva
Hot Chip – Playboy
Lindstrom – There’s A Drink In My Bedroom And I Need A Hot Lady Ep
Spacemen Three – Big City
Romeo Void – A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)
The Associates – Club Country (12″ Version)
Rialto – Lucky Number
Soap Star Joe – Rock Song
Neils Children – I Hate Models
Lomax – An End
Niko – You’re My Favourite Music
Bloc Party – Banquet
The Fever – Ladyfingers
69 And The Continuous People – The Girl Who Had Everything
The Stone Roses – Fool’s Gold
Kicker – Tomorrow Always Comes
The Aislers Set – Hey Lover
The Tyde – How Am I Supposed To
Candy Flip – Strawberry Fields Forever
World Of Twist – She’s Like A Rainbow
Fun Boy Three – Our Lips Are Sealed (D.Byrne 12″ Version)
Love And Rockets – Ball Of Confusion (Extended)
B.E.F. feat. Paula Yates – These Boots Are Made For Walking
Silicon Teens – You Really Got Me
Age Of Jets – RPM
Kilo-C – World Policeman
Strip Music – Desperation
Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die
Friendship 7 – There’s A Light That Never Goes Out
The Go Find – Bleeding Heart
Closer – Gossip
Johnny Panic – You’re A Fool
Art Brut – Formed A Band
The AKAs – Romance Is Dead
The Roolettes – Ciao Punk
Walnut Dash – Your Mum
Ludes – She Was Just A Girl
Three Of A Perfect Pair:
My Bloody Valentine – We Have All The Time In The World
Rita Hayworth – Put The Blame On Mame, Boy
Menswear – Can’ t Smile Without You

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