Second Mp3 Release / Summer 200480Hz – Second Mp3 Release / Summer 2004

a series of electronic compositions focusing on:


– Present Release: Mugen

Mugen it’s a sound project by Alessandro Canova developed during the
second half of the 90’s starting from a study on digital/analog platforms
in relation to visual design techniques. In 1999 Canova started
experimenting with sine waves and white noise as his only sound sources,
developing a special interest in a micro sounds aesthetic. Influenced by
his studies on Asian arts Canova aims to create a meditative dimension: a
contemplation of sound that lucidly expresses a refinement of the
frequencies. He performed live presenting his works around Italy, France,
UK, and Japan.

– Past Release: Fantasmagramma

Fantasmagramma are the Bologna (Italy) based sound-visual artists and
composers Francesco and Marco Leoci. Their work process is focused on the
phenomenical/perceptual/physical aspect of the marginal considered
qualities of the sound spectrum, and on their structural possibilities,
developed in a digital systematic reduction form.

Enjoy the sound.