Ulan Bator Ad Assalto Al Castello Festival

Venerdì 2/07/04 ore 21.30 Parco Dell’Acciarolo – Scandicci (Fi).

Finalmente ci siamo!!!
venerdì 2 ore 21.30 prende il via “Assalto al castello” con il ritorno dal vivo degli Ulan Bator.

l’ingresso sarà ad offerta libera…

fromSCRATCHrecords presenta
nell’ambito di ASSALTO AL CASTELLO – music festival

venerdì 2.7.04 ore 21.30
Parco de l’Acciaiolo – Scandicci (FI)
il ritorno dal vivo degli


(+ Zenerswoon)

mobile: 3290266474


il programma completo del festival è disponibile su: http://www.fromscratch.it/festival/programma02.htm


Has been founded in 1995 by Amaury Cambuzat and Olivier Manchion, at the time when they discovered a disused chalkmine at the doors of Paris, and decided that this place will be the rehearsal and recording room of their forthcoming works.
They have recorded the 3 first records there realized for Les disques du soleil et de l’acier but recorded by themselves.
Some days before starting the recording of the first album, they decided to include a drummer in the band, who has been Franck Lantignac from 1995 to 1998.
Then, regarding reviews like in Alternative Press”, Ulan Bator is considered as “THE ONLY BAND FROM THAT OVERSAUCED NATION TO BE WORTH AND DAMN IN A LONG TIME” and “2 DEGREES” has “among the best eps of 1996”.

The musical approach of the band makes that at the time it was linked by the “press” to the one’s of : This Heat, Can, Faust, Slint, Boredoms, Gastr del Sol…etc…You can imagine the list!
During this first period, Ulan Bator has performed around 150 concerts around Europe, including prestigious festivals like “Transmusicales de Rennes’96” (Fr), “Musique Action’96” (Fr), “Roskilde’98” (Dan) or “Nursery injection’98” (Swed), sharing the stages with artists like: Kreidler, Mogwai, Jim O’Rourke, Scorn, Blonde Redhead, Chokebore, Scanner, Ruins, Young gods, God is my co-pilot, Lydia Lunch , Bastard, Boby Conn, Roof…and also particularly realized a special offensive in France and Switzerland with the German “Art.Errorist” FAUST, as an evolutive collective entitled “Faust including Ulan Bator”. 4 to 8 musicians terrorizing the audiences for 2h00 of deep improvisations (8 gigs in 1996-97).

In early 1999, Amaury Cambuzat changed the rules of the band, and composed a new team to prepare its new album, which as become “EGO:ECHO” (2000) including a new drummer as Matt Dainese (Meathead, Here, Sem) and for the very first time, decided to work on a musical project with an artistic producer: Michael Gira (Swans, Angels of light).

This album was recorded and mixed (august 99) by M. Gira.
All this work has been realized in the deep countryside of Toscana in Italy.

2000: Realize of the EP ” D-Construction ” including remixes by: Otomo Yoshihide (Japan), Scanner (UK), Erik M (France) and Carl Stone (US).

After a lot of concerts for the promotion of EGO:ECHO (2000-2001), Ulan Bator decided to realize, with the authorization of Sonica Factory , OK:KO. A kind of compilation of unrealized tracks and different versions of the EGO:ECHO “pre-works”.
For this occasion, Amaury Cambuzat has created is own label: Ursula Minor Rec.

2002/2003: Amaury Cambuzat (Voices, Guitars and keyboards), Manuel Fabbro/Oslo (Bass), Matt Dainese/Here (Drums) and Egle Sommacal /Massimo Volume (Guitars and Fender Rhodes), recorded the new album ” Nouvel Air ” in Milano (It) during September and October 2002.
The mix was done by Robin Guthrie (Violet Indiana, Cocteau Twins, Bellaunion) on December 2002 with Amaury Cambuzat in the country side of France…

This new work will be realize on February for Europe. We’re looking for a license or a distribution in the USA…

The band will be playing in Europe soon and is now organizing it first US tour!