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Novità, Novità, Uscite, Uscite.


Sezione Psychotica Records: Disponibile da ora il nuovo disco d’esordio degli Edible Woman dal  titolo “SPARE ME/calf” distribuito in Italia, Francia, Uk, Belgio, Germania, Usa.

Sezione Psychotica Records: Il Lavorazione l’esordio dei Guinea Pig e dei Theramin, e ancora il disco d’esordio dei Giraffe Running (Irlanda) e il secondo disco dei Daemien Frost (Irlanda) insieme alla label Francese Red F Records, oltre ad una serie di 7″ split, prestissimo i nomi coinvolti….. state in ascolto!

Sezione Psychotica Records:
Disponibile da ora il nuovo lavoro dei Lillayell dal titolo “Omonimo”.

Sezione Psychotica Records: E’ disponibile da adesso “Fragments” compilazione psychotica con 20 bands: Bellini, Damien Frost, Jasminshock, Zu, Logan, Lillayell, Beirut, Spriggan, The Planet the, Comfort, Edible Woman, Ceke, H.C.B., Theramin, Proteus 911, Koi, Monotorakiki, Twig Infection, Generoso Gallina, Querelle; distribuzione affidata a Goodfellas (Italia), Mandai Distribution (Belgio), Norman Records (Uk), Labelledamesansmerci (Francia), X-Mist Records (Germania), Two by the Sea Records (Usa).

Sezione Mailorder: Molti nuovi dischi nel mailorder, El Guapo, AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.x” (Wallace Records), Jesus Lizard, Zu (live), Shellac, Fugazi, oltre ai Kash, e gli ultimi due dischi dei Rollerball, oltre a tanti altri.


I Dischi Psychotica Records li puoi trovare da
(You Can find the records at):

Goodfellas (Distribution – Italy)
Toys & Dreams (Mailorder – Taranto – Italy)
Dischi Blu (Store – Taranto – Italy)
Fuori Tempo (Store – Taranto – Italy)
New Records (Store – Bari – Italy)
Info Shot! (Cascina Autogestita Torchiera – Milano – Italy)
Wallace Records (Mailorder – Italy)
Raving Records (Mailorder – Italy)
Bar la Muerte (Mailorder – Italy)
Indigena (Store – Catania – Italy)
Kantieri (Mailorder – Lecce – Italy)
Underground Records (Store – Bologna – Italy)

All’estero (Out of Italy):

Mandai Distribution (Distribution – Belgium)
Norman Records (Mailorder – Uk)
K-Fuel (Mailorder – France) only Logan
Labelledamesansmerci (Mailorder – France)
Burn Out (Mailorder – France)
Two if By the Sea Records (Mailorder – Usa)
X-Mist Records (Distribution – Germany)

Psychotica Records – MAIL ORDER

Sezione – Psychotica Records

Logan “Love, said gas” Cd-picture disc (PSY001) €10
AA.VV. “Fragments” Cd digipack with booklet 12 pag. (PSY002) €10
Lillayell “s/t” Cd (PSY003) €10
Edible Woman “SPARE ME/calf”” Cd (PSY004) €10
Guinea Pig “Tba” Cd-digipack (PSY005) coming soon!!
Theramin “We were gladiators” Cd (PSY006) coming soon!!
Daemien Frost “Tba” Cd-digipack (PSY007) coming soon!!
Giraffe Running “Tba” Cd-digipack (PSY008) coming soon!!

Sezione Homemade Recordings (No catalog number)

Beirut “s/t” Cd-r digipack limited (200 copies only) €5

Sezione – Progetti

Tasday “Kaspar Project” with psichic Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €5
AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.6” with Logan Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10

Sezione – Altri Dischi

+33.3 “Play Music” Lp (Aesthetic Records) €14
AA.VV. – Ac/Dc “Sides 7-10″ 2×7” (Skin Graft Records) €8
AA.VV. “I am a photographer” 2xLp (Plain Recordings) €16
AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.1” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.2” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.3” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.4” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
AA.VV. “P.O. Box 52.5” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
Allun “Et sise” Cd (Bar la Muerte) €10
All Scars “Introduction to humanity” Lp (Slowdime Records) €15
Anatrofobia “Le cose parlano” Cd-digipack (Wallace Records) €10
Arab Strap “Philophobia”  2xLp (Chemical Underground Records) €18
Arab Strap “fukd i.d.#2″  12” (Chemical Underground Records) €12
A Short Apnea “An indigo Ballad” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
A Short Apnea “Five Greeny Stages” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
Arrington De Dionisio Quartet “The Album” Cd (Wallace Records) €15
Arrington De Dionisio Quartet “18 Days around…” VHS (Wallace Records) €15
Atombombpocketknife “Alpha Sound” Lp (Southern Records) €14
Big’n “Cut Throat” Lp (Galosine Boost) €10
Big’n “Cut Throat” Cd (Galosine Boost) €10
Boonie Prince Billy “Master and everyone” Cd (Domino Records) €15
Boom “Any day of the night” Cd (Slowdime Records) – usato €8
Bron Y Aur “Between 13 & 16” Cd (Wallace Records) €10
Broadcast “haha sound” Lp (Warp Records) €18
Can “Incandescence” Lp (Virgin Rec.) €15
Califone “Quicksand/Cradlesnakes” Cd (Thrill Jockey Records) €18
C’Mon “Town and Country” Cd (Thrill Jockey Records) – used €10
Cheval De Frise “Fresques sur les…” Cd (Ruminance Records) €13
Cheval De Frise “s/t” Cd (Sonore Records) €13
Chevreuil “sport” Cd (Ruminance Records) €12
Chevreuil/Room 204 “split” 7″ (Effervescence Records) €5
Chevreuil “Chateuvallon” Cd (Ruminance Records) €13
Dirty Three “Sad and Dangerous” Cd (Big Cat Records) €12
Dirty Three “She has no String Apollo” Cd (Bella Union Records) €15
Dinosaur Jr. “Bug” Lp (SST Records) €15
Ear Now “s/t” Cd (Wallace Records) €10
Einsturzende Neubaten “Silence is Sexy” 2Lp (Rough Trade Records) €16
Eletric Turn to me “s/t” Mcd (No Quarter Records) €8
Eletric Turn to me “Clouds Move So Fast” Mcd (No Quarter Records) €8
Ells “Soul Jacker” Lp (Dreamworks Records) €18
El Guapo “Super/system” Lp (Dischord Records) €13
El Guapo “Super/system” Cd (Dischord Records) €13
El Guapo “Fake French” Lp (Dischord Records) €13
El Guapo “Fake French” Cd (Dischord Records) €13
Engine Down “s/t” 7″ (Lovitt Records) €4
Engine Down “A Sign Of Breath” 7″ (Day After Records) €5
Engine Down “A Sign Of Breath” MCd (Day After Records) €9
Engine Down “Demure” Lp (Lovitt Records) €13
Engine Down “To Bury Within The Sound” Lp (Lovitt Records) €13
Engine Down “To Bury Within The Sound” Cd (Lovitt Records) €13
Engine Down “Under The Pretense” Cd (Lovitt Records) €13
Engine Down “s/t” 7″ (Lovitt Records) €5
Eniac “Oh!” Lp (X-Mist Records) €12
Fantomas “s/t” Cd (Ipacac Records) €16
Fantomas “Director`s Cuts” Cd (Ipacac Records) €16
Faust “Packwork” Lp (Staubgold Records) €18
Faust “Packwork” Cd (Staubgold Records) €18
Flaming Lips “Telepathic Surgery” (Restless Records) €15
Fred is Dead “Greatest hit” Lp (Hausmusik Records) €13
Fugazi “Argument” Cd (Dischord Records) €13
Fugazi “Argument” Lp (Dischord Records) €13
Gorge Trio “Kekanics” 7″ (No label Name) €5
Guided by Vocies “Earth quake glue” Cd (Matador Records) €16
David Grubbs “Rickets & Scurvy” Lp (Fat Cat Records) €16
Dead Kennedys “Bad Time for Democracy” Cd (Alternative Tentacles Records) €16
Jasminshock “2monkey’s Fighting for a Banana” Cd (Wallace Records) €10
Jesus Lizard “Down” Lp (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jesus Lizard “Down” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jesus Lizard “Lair” Lp (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jesus Lizard “Lair” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jesus Lizard “Goat” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jesus Lizard “Head/Pure” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jesus Lizard “Bang” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €13
Jim O’ Rourke “Eureka” Lp (Domino Records) €15
June of 44 “Engine Takes It Into Water” Cd (Quarterstick Records) €15
June of 44 “Anahata” Lp (Quarterstick Records) €13
June of 44 “Four Great Points” Cd (Quarterstick Records) €15
June of 44 “Four Great Points” Lp (Quarterstick Records) €13
June of 44 “Anatomy Of Shark” Lp (Quarterstick Records) €11
June of 44 “Tropics And Scorpio” Lp (Quarterstick Records) €13
Joan of Arc “Joan of Arc the gap” Lp (Jade Tree Records) €15
Just A Fire “Light up” Cd – ex June of 44 (Asian Man Records) €12
Just A Fire “Light up” Lp – ex June of 44 (Sick Room Records) €12
Just A Fire “I Roll high” 7″ – ex June of 44 (Thick Records) €4
Just A Fire “Fly your flag, Son….” 7″ – ex June of 44 (Modern City Records) €4
Kash “Beauty Is Everywhere” Mcd (Kiff Records) €7.50
Kepone “Skin” Lp (Quarter Stick Records) €13
Kepone “Ugly Dance” Lp (Quarter Stick Records) €13
Kurt “La Guard” Lp (X-Mist Records) €12
Haymarket Riot “Bloodshot Eyes” Cd + video (Delboy Records) €12
Haymarket Riot “Bloodshot Eyes” Lp (Delboy Records) €12
Hella “Bitches Aint shit but good people” Cdep (Suicide Squeeze Records) €8
Hella/Diluite “Hella/Diluite – live” 2Cd (Sickroom Records) €14
Hella “Hold your Horse is” Cd (5RC Records) €14
Hella “The devil isen’t red” Lp (5RC Records) €14
Hella “Bitches Aint shit but good people” Lp-ep (Suicide Squeeze Records) €8
Hella “Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass” Lp-ep (Narnack Records) €10
Hella “Hella” 7″ (5RC Records) €5
Helgoland_dust “s/t” 7″ (Music a’ coque Records) €3
Him “Many in high places are not well” Lp (Fat Cat Records) €15
Him/Rujan “split” 7″ (Earwing Records) €4
Howe Gelb “Howe Home the listener” Lp (Thrill Jockey Records) €15
Isotope 217 “Who Stole The…” Lp (Thrill Jockey Records) €13
Labradford “Fixed context” Cd (Mute Records) €10
Lake of Dracula “s/t” Cd (Skin Graft Records) €14
Liars/Oneida “Split” Lp (Version City Records) €12
Loose Fur “Kotche/O’Rourke/Tweedy” Cd (Domino Records) €16
Low “Things we lost in the fire” 2xLp (Tugboat Records) €15
Lvmen “Raison D`Etre” Cd “(Day After Records) €13
Mark Stewart “Metatron” Lp (Mute Records) €8
Mars Volta “De-Loused In The Comatorium” 2Lp picture disc (GSL Records) €22
Matmos “The Civil War” Lp (Matador Records) €12
Microphones “Mount Eerie” Cd (K Records) €15
Milemarker “Satanic Versus” Lp (Day After Records) €13
Milemarker “Frigid Forms Sell” Lp limited colored vinyl press! (Lovitt Records) €13
Miranda “Inside the whale” Cd (From Scratch Records) €10
Monroe Mustang “DEAVONDEN091099” Cd (Jagjaguar Records) €10
Monroe Mustang “The Elephant sound” Cd-digipack (Jagjaguar Records) €10
Mule “If don’t six” Lp (Quarter Stick Records) €15
Mule “s/t” Lp (Quarter Stick Records) €15
Ned “le choc de l’astronomie populaire” Cd (SKMagazine Records) €10
New Wet Kojak “Do Things” Lp (Slowboy Records) €13
Nina Nastasia “Blackned Air” Lp (Touch and Go Records) €14
One Dimensional Man “You Kill me” Lp (Wallace Records) €12
Ovo “Vae victis” Cd (Bar la Muerte) €10
Otomo Yoshide “Cathode” Cd (Tzadik Records) €12
Pain Teens “Beast of Dreams” (Trance Syndacate Records) €14
Paper Chase “Hide the kitchen Knives” Lp (Southern Records) €14
Peach Pit “Suspicious Cargo” Cd-digipack (Earwing Records) €10
Piano Magic “Popular Mechanics” Cd (Indus Sonica Records) €14
Pin Pin Sugar “Latex Duellos” Cd digipack (Bar la Muerte) €10
Pixies “Trompe le monde” Cd (4AD Records) €13
Pornography “Write, Read, Cancel” Cd (Wallace Records) €10
Pram “North Pole Radio” Lp (Domino Records) €13
Psychic Paramount “Origins and primitives” Cd (No label Name) €10
Proteus 911 “Apokrifos” Cd (Nocturne Records) €10
Psychic Paramount “Live 2002: The Franco-Italian Tour” – ex Laddio Boloko Cd (No label Name) €10
Querelle/The Wow “Split” 12″ (Nois es Tar Records) €9
Rah Bras “Ruy Blas!” Lp (Day After Records) €13
Rah Bras “Concentrate to listen to the rondo that weChriste…” Cd (Lovitt Records) €13
R.L. Burnside “A ass pocket of Whiskey” Lp (Matador Records) €14
Rollerball “Real Hair” Cd (Silber Records) €12 – NEW!!
Rollerball “Behind the Rollerball” Cd-digipack (Silber Records) €14 – NEW!!
Room 204 “s/t” Cd (Effervescence Records) €11
Ronin “s/t” Cd-digipack E.P. (Bar la Muerte) €8
Roy Montgomery “London is swinging by his neck” 7″ (Rocket Girl Records) €5
Ruins “1986-1992” Cd (Skin Graft Records) €14
Society for Unethical Treatment of Instruments “s/t” Cd digipack (Free Land Records) €10
Shellac “At Action Park” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €14
Shellac “At Action Park” Lp (Touch & Go Records) €17
Shellac “1000 Hurts” Cd (Touch & Go Records) €16
Shipping News “Three-four” Cd (Quarterstick Records) €14
Shipping News “Very Soon, and in pleasant company” Lp (Quarterstick Records) €14
Sickbay “Fort Busy Signal” Cd-digipack (Earwing Records) €10
Sickbay/Valina “Split” 7″ limited yellow vinyl (No label Name) €4
Siuxsie and the Banshees “One upon a time/the singles” Lp (Polygram Records) €15
Siuxsie and the Banshees “Join Hands” Lp – japan edition (Polydor Records) €25
Small Life Form “One” Cd (Silber Records) €10
Smart went Crazy “Con Art” Lp (Dischord Records) €14
Spinning Heads “Nothing is gained….” 7″ (Radar Swarm Records) €4
Storm and Stress “dstress” Lp (Touch and Go Records) €15
Stayer “Tragic” Cd-digipack e.p. (Drill Productions) €5
Susumu Yokota “Sound of the sky” 2Lp (Music Mine Records) €16
Tasday “Aprirsi nel silenzio” Cd digipack (Wallace Records) €10
Tantrum “twisted in Anguish” Cd (Snuff Records) €12
Tantrum “the frontier bursts into view” Cd (Supine Records) €12
TH26 “La Haine” Cd (Small Voices Records) €5
The Evpatoria report “s/t” Cd-digipack (No label Name) €6
The Fog in the Shell “A secret north” Cd (Dufresne Records) €10
The Books “The lemon of pink” Lp (Tomlab Records) €16
The Chinese Stars “Cheap City Halo” (No label Name) €6
The Chinese Stars “Turbo Mattress” Cd-limited (Skin Graft Records) €10
The Seconds “Y” Lp (X-Mist Records) €12
Tomahawk “Mit Gas” Cd (Ipacac Records) €16
Tomahawk “s/t” Cd (Ipacac Records) €16
To the Ansaphone “s/t” 7″ red vinyl – limited (Heroine Records) €4
Tuxedomoon “Desire” Lp (Celuloid Records) €18
Us Maple “Purple in time” Cd (Ruminance Records) €15
Uzrujan “…thirteen days forth and thirteen back…” Cd digipack (Earwing Records) €10
Vaz “Dying To Meet You” Lp limited colored vinyl (X Mist Records) €12
Village of Savoonga “14.09.01” Cd (Haus Music Records) €16
XTC “Skylarking” Lp (Virgin) €15
XTC “Black Sea” Lp (Virgin) €15
Zeni Geva “Freedom Bondage” Cd (Alternative Tentacles Records) used €10
Zeni Geva “Desire for Agony” Cd (Alternative Tentacles Records) used €10
John Zorn “First Recordings 1973” Cd (Tzadik Records) €12
Zu “Ingeo” Lp (Wallace Records) €15
Zu “Live in Helsinki” Cd-digipack (Tang Plastik Records) €12
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