Fringes Live Event.

Hervé Bogossian -Chitarra e Laptop- A Milano Il 27 Maggio.Giovedì 27 Maggio

Hervé Boghossian : chitarra, laptop

A+M Bookstore / Fringes Recordings
Via Tadino 30

Ore 21:00
Ingresso 5,00 euro

(info : 0229527729)

Born in Marseille (France) in 1973 and moved to Paris (France) in 1997 .
He created the avant-rock band (trio and then duo) ION+ with Jurgen Heckel
( alias Sogar) in february 1999.
After some concerts, self-produced cd-rs, a single ” lemo/lect ” on german label
Beau Rivage were released in august 2000 and after last concert at Batofar in
September 2000, the duo decided to concentrate on solo projects .

He began his solo career under the moniker SOL, he soon composed a 15 minutes
electronic soundtrack called ” i@s “, a collaboration with german video director Thomas Einfeldt .

It will be the first release (cd-r) of his own label List (L0) who came out in
September 2001 and was screened in France, United States and Spain .

The List label will soon release cds, V/a ” minima-List ” (L1-jan 2002)
with a SOL track called ” vers#1 ” , Sogar ” stengel ” (L2-sept 2002), Mou,lips ! “peanuts… “(L3-jan 2003),
the fourth cd release was Hervé Boghossian ” rvb “(L4-june 2003), the first work under his own name
a 3 long minimal electro-acoustic pieces album with the collaboration of david grubbs(piano),
matthieu saladin and ivan solano (bass clarinet).

V/a ” INstruments ” with the Hervé Boghossian track ” points d’orgue ” (L5-feb 2004).
He played in duo with steinbrüchel, günter müller, matthieu saladin and david grubbs
and also share the same bill that sogar, charles curtis, alan licht, marina rosenfeld,
taylor deupree, mou, lips !, colleen, kohn …in paris, nantes, evreux, genève , berlin, and new york .

He’s currently working on a new project featuring a collaboration with martin brandlmayr
on cymbal, werner dafeldecker on double bass and matthieu saladin on bass clarinet and soprano saxophone.

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