toychestra+fred frith

SK new releaseFriends and new friends,

S.K records is very very proud to announce its new release.

A collaboration between Toychestra and Fred Frith.
it’s called ‘what leave behind – concerto for electric guitar and toy orchestra’
It was composed by Dan Plonsey.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Of the five years that I was involved in presenting weekly concerts at Berkeley’s Beanbender’s Creative Music Series, two of my very favorite dates were 6/3/95 and 3/29/98-Fred Frith (solo) and Toychestra, respectively. Getting Frith to play with Toychestra seemed very natural. Their performances take you into an idealized home: Frith often uses household objects on his guitar, while Toychestra sets out children’s toys on ironing boards, and performs (sometimes) in pajamas. Each commmunicates a faith in humanity’s essencial musical possibilities of bright colors mixed with dark; the possibility that magic exists on some small scale.

Writing for Toychestra and Frith together, I feel like I’m working with a legion of superheroes! I hope I have allowed each to use their own powers to be the fullest, to compliment one another, and also to come into conflict: male vs. Female; extraordinary virtuosity vs. Extraordinary heart; individual vs. Ensemble.

Frith’s solo guitar music is amazing and wonderful for the way in which he mixes shimmery noise, strange tunings, brushes, kitchen utensils, and folk-like melodies into a dramatic and surreal narrative.

Toychestra’s six women are charming and crude superheroes who rescue bits of the world from its deary and maddening state with their collection of toy pianos, toy violin, emergency board, yes-man, boing boing, accordion people, girlz-rule, voices, etc., apparently arranged for under the influence of beer and marshmallow peeps.

–Dan Plonsey

We’ll be happy to have it reviewed/ broadcasted/ shared in P2P communities etc…

So feel free to contact us for that.

It will be available for sale in a lot of different places but still, no professional distributor so get in touch with us and we’ll tell you where you can get it close to where you are…