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Esce il nuovo tesaurus sonoro per tutti i glitch sound dipendenti.


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BLIP: The Glitch Electronica Standard Reference
Loops for Acid CDROM – Sony /  Sonic Foundry

Sound sculptor j.frede and IDM programmer Carlos Archuleta
present Blip: The Glitch Electronica Standard Reference, an
astounding library of meticulously produced audio assets designed
specifically for the production of glitch electronica music. Every
essential component of the glitch electronica sub-genre is
represented on Blip. Work with crackling snaps, dubby echoes,
isolationist beds and atmospheres, pure sine waves, electroacoustic
events, the sounds of systemic failure, field recordings, and more,
organized to provide maximum flexibility for creating original music in
ACID, and all other software and hardware tools that accept .wav files.
Glitch electronica is a complex aesthetic that utilizes minimal means
to invoke stark emotional perspectives. j.frede and Carlos Archuleta
approach their work with a subtle knowledge and understanding that
will insert you into glitch space with Blip and allow you to compose
with the assurance that you are working with the most authentic and
sonically superior materials available.

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The Westword magazine in Denver is doing a feature on me
in conjunction with the Glass Music performance and my recent
releases. my long time friend Jason Heller did the interview with
and from the questions he asked and his talent as a writer im sure
it will be a great article. it will be available in print in the Denver Metro
area, or on line starting November 5th.




visualsoundings: new music series
Glass Music

Thursday, November 6, 7:00 PM

General Admission $8
Students, Faculty, Seniors $6
Members $5

j.frede returns to Denver with a smashing group performance with Marleah
Tobin, Carlos Archuleta, Mark McCoin, John Parks, Lauren Shugrue & Eli Molyneux

Utilizing techniques that date back to the 1400¹s, the musicians will
use water-filled wine glasses to create a thick surround sound experience.

Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver
1275 19th Street
Denver, CO 80202

( you can view the filer on the j.frede site here: )


current location: los angeles


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Out Now!
| BLIP: Glitch Electronica Standard Reference
| “Loops for Acid” CDROM –  Sonic Foundry/SONY Music


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