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Hurry Up! Records 2003
>> Fall 2003 Newsletter <<
Here We Go.

As we told you before the summer we have some very hot releases to delight your ears.

First of all the new FACE THE FACT ep called “Romeo and Juliet are not dead” coming in a coloured 12″ limited edition. A devastating mp3 will be soon on line. Only a thing to say about: grab it! We’ll have in store the cd version as well (out on Beniihana Records), so you can choose between the two ones! And remember to see them live all around europe next two weeks!

As the first press of the Kafka/defdump 7″ split is going to be out of stock we repressed them: available in a 2 weeks the second press, with a red vynil instead of the white one…last few copies of the first press are in store so…HURRY UP!

We took the decision to distribute some releases even if they’re not Hurry Up! releases: the new Strenght Approach mini cd titled “The fall through my eyes” and Laghetto “Sonate in bu minore…” cd are available through us.
Just download an mp3 of both the releases in the music section.
Kafka “Retrospettiva 1995-2002” discography cd will be available in our distro as soon as it’ll be out…

To have promo copies if you run a web/paper zine or a radio program just drop a line HERE (and for the interviews with the hup bands as well!)

Check it out:
There’s a new contest, you can win the Hup004 release “Strength Approach Discography”.
We have some of the last HeartattaCk number to go, so check the website as it’ll be another contest to win them!

Here you see the new t-shirts in store: they all come with the Hurry Up! logo (the same used in the website on the left corner at the bottom ).
Take a look and if you like them just send an e-mail to buy the one you want!
In a while there’ll be 2 new Face The Fact tee shirts and the new Kafka’s one…really catchy designs so STAY TUNED!