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Proposta Magyar Posse FINLAND (Luglio)

MAGYAR POSSE (FINLANDIA) Disponibili 9 – 10 – 11 Luglio
Magyar Posse: musica potente, malinconica e strumentale. Sono stati accostati dalla stampa finlandese a Godspeedyou Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, King Crimson, Tortoise e Ennio Morricone. Pragone che li onora, ma non gli rende giustizia, in realtà infatti il loro suono non è simile a nessuno di questi artisti, ma possiede qualcosa di personale e molto origile! E’ uscito ora un niovo album chiamato KINGS OF TIME, potente come il precedente We will carry you over the mountains … di cui segue recensione in inglese
MAGYAR POSSE: We Will Carry You Over The Mountains
Magyar Posse was based in 2000 in Pori, and they have now released their first album. Pori seems to be some kind of a centre of creativity, there’s just so mush original, quality music pouring out of the city. This CD, recorded as early as Autumn 2001, surely is a fine example. The group plays a sort of beautiful and melancholic, floating, hypnotic and mostly slow instrumental music. It would be very suitable for movies, and for example Ennio Morricone comes to mind quite often. Godspeed You Black Emperor! evokes similar feelings, but in a more chaotic way. Magyar Posse might be labelled as a post rock band, but they are a lot more, as well. At times they deliver psychedelic, ecstatic experiences, at times they regress into kraut rock monotony. The extremely beautiful and usually sad melodies play an important part on the album. Some of the tracks are rather progressive, as well.
“Sleepwalker” opens the album in a moody, peaceful and sad way. “Witchcraft” continues in a similar path, it sounds like a soundtrack to a horror movie. It could be by the Swedish Morte Macabre. It grows towards the end, and also has some human humming voice in it. One of the standout tracks is “Singlesparks Are Spectral Fires”, including some really nice guitar melodies. A bit trip hop/jungle styled rhythm starts off, and it gives nice extra energy to the song. Next there’s a bit more boring hypno rhythm that grows, then slows down, then grows again. Pretty intense guitar work. The next song is a peaceful one, for a change. “Enemy Within” is one of the highlights, the fastest track on the album, and includes some funny synth sounds. Somehow reminds me of Circle. “The Endless Cycle of Violence” starts off in a very oppressive way, but after five minutes a spaceship takes off the ground. The last track “Lufthan” is definitely kraut rock influenced. Neu! could have recorded this track at some point. A nice tune, that brings hope and variation to this otherwise rather heavy album.
This is a very good album, and it looks like it will only get better with time. The boys are even skilled musicians, so this truly is a great musical enjoyment. Here are the musicians, if some body is wondering: Olli Joukio, Jari Lahteinen, Pasi Salmi, Harri Sippola, and guesting on the album are Laura Sorvala (voice) ja Sami Sanpakkila (musical saw). Nowadays they also have another guitar/bass player Mikko Rintala, so there are enough people for live gigs. The suitable artwork was made by Herra Ylppo. The next album will be released late 2002/early 2003, although this album just came out. More info can be found from the Vendura web site at