Xiu Xiu, Growing, Young People, With Love..NEWS! 02.15.04 >> CONTENTS:

– GROWING / MARK EVAN BURDEN – (split album & tours)
– YOUNG PEOPLE – (records & tours)
– XIU XIU – (records, future projects & tours)
– WITH LOVE – (album, split EP, soundtrack, tours)
– WHAT ELSE IS UP? (Kid Commando, The Death Of Anna Karina, La Quiete…)


GROWING is a trio based in Olympia, WA. Using guitars, bass and electronics,
they create rows of ascending and descending intervals of noise and silence
which move rhythmically and reveal latent harmonies and dynamics. Check out
their debut album on KRANKY records.
MARK EVAN BURDEN’s (ex GET HUSTLE) first set of solo recordings, is a beautiful
composition of electronics and piano influnced by John Cage and Gyorgy Ligeti.
GROWING / MARK EVAN BURDEN split CD: This split album is at the pressing plant
right now, the official release date is scheduled for the end of march. Growing
are working on their summer US tour; EU tour is also in the works: look out for
it in the autumn.

YOUNG PEOPLE will be touring with THE GOSSIP for 2 1/2 weeks and then they’ll be
around on tour as well for 15 days with LIARS and GET HUSTLE; their self-titled
LP is still available in his limited cover edition. In late summer YOUNG PEOPLE
will write and record new songs that will be out on Heroine! Tour dates and more
info will be posted soon on the site…

“Chapel and Live” LP (it will include 6 ephocal live tracks and the digitally
remastered version of Chapel Of The Chimes ) is out in March! This will be a
limited release, as usual, and still about XIU XIU, we’re glad to announce two
more records to be released during the year: a 5 (new) song 12″ EP and a
reworked/remixed LP/CD that will feature contributions from great, outstanding
electronics/avantgard artists.
Needless to say, more info will be soon added here. As for now do not miss the
incredible brand new album on TOM LAB/5RC. XIU XIU is touring Europe in the
springtime. Said that, a new Xiu Xiu website will be soon redesigned and updated
with info about shows, releases, and pictures.

WITH LOVE have just completed a new album for Heroine!
It is called ” Tuoni, Fulmini e Saette” and will be released on March 14th 2004.
An italian promotional tour will start next month. Also, after the “Nodo
Terziario” live performance set up by the Contemporary Art Museum from
Monfalcone, in the Monfalcone woods, WL are working on the soundtrack for the
upcoming movie by contemporary visual artist Nico Vascellari.
The split 7″ with San Francisco’s own THE VANISHING (GSL) will be out by the end
of february. Keep your eyes and ears open!

KID COMMANDO from Sweden will record in march a “tbc” CD/12″, out on Heroine in
october. In the works, a european tour in may and a summer US tour. More
upcoming KC releases include an LP and a KID 606 split on canadian label ACHE
records. THE DEATH OF ANNA KARINA are almost done recording and doing the
artwork for their upcoming record, available on Heroine in mid springtime. LA
QUIETE are in the recording studio until the end of february to complete their
debut album.

We’re working on a brand new side-label project: it will be called NEW EARS and
will offer a selection of of carefully selected releases that feature OUTER
LIMITS recordings of contemporary artists and compositors that work at the
crossing point of field recordings, modern composition, acoustic environments
and advanced electronics.


Thank You!