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Finally here with tons of news about records, releases, pictures and many more… First of all i want to thanx everyone involved in d.i.y. international way of life.. In these years inside this great world [of friendship] i’ve met really an incalculabe number of people and i only want to say to them really thanx a lot for everything… You are great and i hope to meet you all you as soon as possible….your friend…
Ok, after this emo[oment] read all the news about our label and forgive me for my orrible english, but i think you can understan what i want mean… [sigh]
*upcoming releases
*upcoming releases
Hollywood perverse have problems with layout, but don’t worry… before summer this great debut mCd will be out.. for the moment download their mp3 on our web-page… They are unbeliveble… This record can wake up the current boring scene 😉 ….
We work on a split 7″ between The death of anna karina/ The flying worker .. It come out something of great… this split 7″ is split releases by life of hate records and a new label/webzine call mashnote from Belgium.. This split will be out in the end of june [or later, but before summer of course] and want to blast everything…
Don’t order yet anything of these two records… You have to wait some time….
A lot of great new records.. Mailorder is update 2 times in a week, but items sell well, so contact me fastly for stuff that interest you… We also are the distributor for React with protest records for Italy… And for the upcoming new Raein CD we become the distributor of Ape must not kill ape [distribuition in Usa by Ebullition].. We are really proud and happy for these two great project… Feel free to ask every infos ok ??
Yes. finally a ” La quiete little tour ” is on the door !!! Here’s the gigs :
19 – 06 Bergamo [pacì-paciana] w/off minor-disco drive-life detectin coffies-the infarto sceisse [ex la falce]
20 – 06 Saarbrucken [practice room] w/ danse macabre
21 – 06 Cry me a river festival w/louise cyphre-danse macabre-the flying worker-arsen-shikari [tbc]-and many other that now i don’t remember [please escuse me]
22 – 06 day off at Lars basement with an emo-v[egan]iolence barbecue and pasta
23 – 06 Stuttgard w/danse macabre-louise cyphre
24 – 06 if is possible a show in Italy with the flying worker [but everything is tbc]
WOW… great… life of hate distro is on tour with all this….keep in touch…
Hollywwod perverse :
17 – 05 Livorno [cs Godzilla, via dei mulini 29] w/santa sangre
A lot of new picture is available on… From La quiete-Varius-and your boss…
Feel free to contact us at :
47100 FORLI’
keep the faith and belive in anarchy …..