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luca pagani:”P p.P, only For Me”
Luca Pagani, musician, sound designer, artist. He started as a modern rock musician with band Viclarsen (CD “Abitazione” – ViceVersa Rec.) then he worked on improvised music after meeting Tetsu Saitoh and Michel Doneda. In August 2002 he composed music for the experimental theater show based on Le Città invisibili by Italo Calvino directed by London-based director Robert Gordon under the auspices of Goldsmiths College, London and Genova University. In April 2003 he worked on sound for video environment “Acufeni” for The Nottingham Trent School of Art and Design annual exhibition and on “1999 The Poem of the Millennium” written by sound-poet Enzo Minarelli and with musical direction by Claudio Parodi

pierpaolo leo :”stretch plunkd”

Pierpaolo Leo is an electronic music experimenter. He collaborates from many years with the avantgarde-rock group “Enfance Rouge”, creating arrhythmical sonorities for their tracks and live-sets. One year ago he pubblished “Before Breakin” for Audioglobe Records and now he is working on a new album that will be the result of many improvvisation performances study. “stretch plunkd” is a total improvised track taken from the live performance at Link (Bo – Italy) 05.04.03

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