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BETWEEN JULY 15 and AUGUST 20, we are offering a blanket discount on any CD, or double or triple set in our entire catalogue, up to 25% – meaning essentially that you can get things at wholesale prices. The discount will also apply to ReR boxes. There are no additional postage and packing costs, so what you see is what you pay.
PLEASE NOTE: Art Editions, Subscriptions, DVDs and Books cannot be included because of postage costs. Sorry. So, to get the discount on the CDs only, please order them separately.
15% DISCOUNT on all orders over £36  – (you pay an average  of £10.20 per CD) POST FREE.
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Stockholm [£11]  ReR HC7.
Limited Edition
Ahead of the 40th Anniversary box set (see below) there will be a limited release of this CD in September. Stockholm will form part of the box set, and if you subscribe to the box, we will send this CD alone as soon as it is out and the rest of the box will follow when it is released. If you want this CD alone and decide later to get the box anyway, we’ll send you the box minus Stockholm, cheaper than the full price, so either way you won’t have to buy anything twice. Stockholm is a high quality Swedish Radio recording, made in 1977, that includes Tim’s epic Erk Gah (now known as Hold to the Zero Burn), Phil Ochs’ No More Songs and The March – none of which we ever recorded for CD release – plus Ottawa Song & other, untitled, pieces. Over an hour of music, taken from the original radio tapes and re-mastered for this edition by Bob Drake.
THIS IS ALSO PART OF SUBSCRIPTION 2, which will be released toward the end of the year:
40th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET Volumes 1 & 2
9 CDs and 1 DVD with 2 substantial books – in two solid Boxes.  LIMITED EDITION.
Assembled over 15 years, this collection gives for the first time some idea of the breadth and depth of Henry Cow’s work. Always very much a live band, performance was their metier, and a concert might range far – always driven by an intense dialogue between tightly knit compositions and radically open improvisation. The officially released LPs tell at best only half this story, and one purpose of this definitive collection is to set the work back into its broader context. These are all previously unreleased recordings, that include many compositions and improvisations new to anyone who only knows the official releases, documentation of a number of one-off projects and events and – where different or remarkable enough to justify inclusion – live versions of parts of the LP repertoire. Many of these recordings are high quality radio transcriptions taken directly from the original masters, others are less hi-fi, but justified we think by their historic and musical quality. And everything has been carefully transferred and re-mastered by Bob Drake to the best audio quality that current technology allows without interference or tampering. It’s all a million times better than the terrible bootlegs that are swimming around. Altogether, these 9 CDs embody some extraordinary, and occasionally prescient music. Taking this box together with the officially released albums, it is possible at last to get some impression of the extensive ground Henry Cow covered in it’s 10 short years. Finally, there is the DVD: 80 minutes of the 1976 Cow (with Georgina Born and Dagmar Krause) performing many unreleased pieces as well as Living in the Heart of The Beast, Beautiful as the Moon &c. This is the only known video recording in existence – professionally made, multi camera – and has not been recovered since its original broadcast (just scour U-Tube, HC is conspicuous by its total absence).  And last but not least, there is a great deal of written, photographic and textual documentation. Since this will probably be the last and definitive collection, it has to be thorough. For reasons of fairness and cost we have decided to split the set into two boxes – which can be bought separately or together. VOL 1 covers the period 1971 to the 1976 Hamburg radio show which documents John Greaves’ last concert with the band, as well as the extraordinary Trondheim concert from the quartet tour that immediately followed. VOL 2 takes the story through to 1978 and includes more previously undocumented compositions as well as the Bremen radio recording. The Stockholm CD belongs to this second box, which also contains the DVD.
STOCKHOLM only                             £11
VOL 1 –  5 CDs , box, book                  £45
VOL 2  – 4 CDs, DVD, box, book    £50
THE ENTIRE SET, in two boxes plus a free, third, specially designed, solid matching continuous-artwork empty box in which to keep the already released 5 studio CDs. In a numbered edition, with a special additional subscription item.                            £99
Order Now. It helps us. Payments will not be taken before September. If you are desperate for the box and really can’t afford it all at once £50 now and the balance in late November is also possible, just tell us that with the order and we can plan the extra boxes and items.
Paypal: if you want either box or the whole set, please mail your intention now so we can assign you a number. Then if it helps with cash flow you can delay payment until August 30th or September 1st. Or pay half now and half later.
The idea of subscriptions is to help raise the vast sums these things cost to manufacture and to recognise your participation with special editions, extra items and lower prices.

(double CD) [£18.75]  ReR 1982
Faust, Art Bears, ZNR, Robert Wyatt, The Residents, Henry Cow, This Heat, Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, Stormy Six, Aqsak Maboul, Picchio Dal Pozzo, Decibel, Goebbels and Harth, The Homosexuals, The Work, Amos and Sarah, The Black Sheep, Feliu Gasul, The Muffins,  R.Stevie Moore, Robel Vogel, Ron Pate/Raudelunas, Conventum, Joseph Racaille and Patrick Portella
Originally released in 1982, this is a collection of specially commissioned and (at the time) newly recorded pieces by the most interesting groups and individuals then in the Recommended catalogue. Never reissued, it has slowly become a prized collectors’ item – and remains an indispensable snapshot of the range and musical brilliance of this critical moment in the history of a small community of left-field groups struggling towards new musical languages. The breadth of imagination displayed is exemplary and it is amazing how fresh and original this music still sounds, and how much things have changed in only 25 years. What was intended on its release as a practical compendium has now become a definitive document so, on the occasion of Recommended’s 30th anniversary, we have decided to reissue it fully re-mastered and with additional accompanying material. The subscription edition will come with a free extra CD and a facsimile of the very first handwritten Recommended catalogue… and various other bits of Recommended memorabilia and trivia.

The subscription edition consists of three CDs in in a numbered Subscription Edition. The third disc is a Limited Edition Art-CD, individually numbered  that comes only with this Subscription Edition. [£22] 
Vol 1. ARSENI AVRAAMOV and Others
BAKU: SYMPHONY OF SIRENS and other critical reconstructions of key works of music, poetry and agit-prop from the Russian avant-garde (1908-1942)
The legendary Baku concert reconstructed, plus other priceless sound works, including the legendary Victory over the Sun and other lost documents of Vertov, Mayakovski, El Lissitsky, The Nothingists, The Orchestra of Noises, Jandinsky, Malevich, Rozanova, Prokofiev, Larionov, the Psycho Futurist Group,  Kamensky, Jakobson, and others.. THIS IS A DEFINITIVE LIBRARY COLLECTION with extensive documentation.
Vol 2. DZIGA VERTOV and Others
Enthusiasm: The Dombass Symphony, and other ORIGINAL recordings of key works of and agit-prop from the Russian avant-garde (1908-1942) [£11.50] ReR VERTOV
The prescient 1930 environmental sound composition recorded with a specially designed mobile system using optical film soundtrack – as well as 21 other original recorded sound documents of Mayakovsky, Jakobson, Khlebnikov, Lenin, Lunacharsky, Kollontay, Trotsky, Mossolov, Pasternak, Meytuss, Akhmatova, Mandelstahm, Naum Gabo, Shostakovich and others. DEFINITIVE LIBRARY COLLECTION with extensive documentation.
Possibly our most important release of recent years.   L
GET THE LOT:  ALL THREE SUBSCRIPTIONS for £140 – with any five ReR CDs thrown in free.


The Art of |Memory II [£11]  FRA 06
The long-awaited follow up to their first release on Derek Bailey’s Incus label and a kind of prequel, going back to the time when Fred was playing home-made instruments and John was using mouthpieces and duck-calls as much or more than alto sax; this was back in the New York glory days when 100 new ideas popped up somewhere every day, and these performances lie right at the fringe of what most people would accept as “music”. Anyone wanting to get back to one of the roots of what later became known as “noise music” will want this CD, since these performances encapsulate an approach to improvisation that has much more to do with listening to the world than perpetuating an existing musical tradition that works through safe, mutually understood, rules and conventions. AOMII is a vintage document from a lost era when innovation, energy and imagination were valued, and still had the power to shock and surprise.
The Technology of Tears [£11]  FRO  11
With all-star line-up that features Tenko, John Zorn and Christian Marclay (with guest Jim Staley on trombone), Technology of Tears started life in New York in 1986 as a dance commission by Rosalind Newman. Fred took this opportunity to experiment with Henry Kaiser’s brand new synclavier (the absolute state-of-the-art sampling and processing technology of the time – Henry had to take out a second mortgage on his house to buy it). It was the sophisticated sampling that fascinated Fred, and the piece is characterised by technological “comparisons” between real and virtual voices which constantly merge into one another. Tenko and Zorn tear through it all with breathless intensity. Parts two and three, which follow, couldn’t be more different, for them Fred adopts a completely different methodology, playing everything himself mostly on low-grade instruments, then inviting turntablist Marclay to add plundered parts. Here is a completely different approach to “sampling”: exploring dense layers of quotation intercut with melodies formed using random editing processes (with subsequent transcription and re-performance). Lastly there is Jigsaw, a later work, also made for Rosalind Newman, reflecting the frustrations experienced making Technology… where, every time Fred would complete a stable version, Rosalind would ask for changes (incidentally, sending the recording way over budget). This time Fred decided to make a modular piece that could be re-assembled in any way requested – and having no pre-determined structure at all. The original composition consisted of dozens of musical cells, each recorded separately in increments of between 3 and 12 measures; all at the same tempo, and in the same key. The idea was to play the elements separately and then ask Rosalind how she would like them constructed. Ironically, the test assembly, made as demonstration of what was possible, won instant approval, and no reconstruction was ever necessary.

Frog Bug Guitar Computer [£11]  ReR SM3
Steve is back with a truly original and unusual CD; very different from his other work – featuring, as the title proclaims, frogs and insects – recorded in the field – and guitar -, all subtly and intelligently processed (which is where the computer comes in); not to alter the sounds so much as to lock them together into complex rhythm and pitch relationships. The result sounds somehow ‘natural’ but yet spookily integrated. Then Maclean treats each track, or episode, differently, coming at them from different angles, sometimes even letting the computer add ‘its own’ percussive parts to the mix. This work, while bearing the hallmarks of complexity and chaos, has a deep underlying order that never quite gives itself up to the analytical side of the brain. A quiet landmark in the fusion of soundscape, performance and computer mediation that breaks new ground in the pursuit of open but organised form.
Sleeping Beauty  [£11]  ARTYARD CD 003
Originally released by Saturn in 1979, this is a studio recording by a large ensemble (including, unusually, electric guitar and bass). These are the first recordings of the titles included (though they were played live a few months earlier on German radio). Springtime Again is a floating, sonically open composition, with a distant sung ostinato, interestingly mixed. The door of the Cosmos, which features June Tyson, is a relaxed groove-driven piece in which electric piano, guitar and bass function as ground, over which events drift in and out, while Sleeping Beauty is a chaotic, swirly masterpiece with lots of effects added to the instruments, interestingly mixed. As an ex LP, it’s LP length.
On Jupiter  [£11]  ARTYARD CD 004
A big band studio recording made a month before Sleeping Beauty and released by Saturn in 1979 consisting of three quite different pieces: On Jupiter, which is a vocalised, relaxed, swing trance piece, UFO – Sun Ra’s unashamed approach to disco, layering big band events over a funky beat and chunky chants -, and Seductive Fantasy, which lurches along in classic Ra fashion, very easygoing and with a good high-definition recording quality. It’s nice to hear the oboe and bassoon, often lost in live recordings, so prominent, Again, the mixing is unusually sophisticated. As an ex LP, it’s LP length
SPECIAL OFFER: On Jupiter and Sleeping Beauty BOTH CD’s for £16.

Unsquare [£12]  INTAKT CD 132
Fred Frith (E.Guitar), Larry Ochs (saxes) and Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics) with guests Gerry Hemmingway, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins and Carla Kihlstedt. 2006. Improvisations.
The Sugar Factory [£12]  TZ 7623
Fred and Evelyn get together in a big empty space – for a documentary – and improvise, mostly. Evelyn has a vast array of classical and profane percussion instruments and Fred has his guitar and pedals. It’s a fascinating collaboration not least in the way it uncovers something of the very different root approaches to improvisation that these two musicians somehow bring successfully together. But, eloquently, it works best on the final track, when Evelyn plays a composed piece for Marimba which Fred, not knowing, simply improvises with, perfectly tonally – improvisation is free, but that doesn’t mean it has to be abstract or difficult; the rule should be that there are no rules; and for a good improviser, like an actor, no role should be impossible. The result is a truly glorious piece – sublime would not be too strong (and it would chime happily with a deep root in romanticism). People talk a lot about pure music, but here’s a very rare opportunity to hear what such a thing might sound like.
Eye to ear II [£12]  TZ 7517
Second collection of soundtrack compositions on which Fred plays a lot of instruments and works sharply with recordings; the four part cartoon soundtrack Sideshow is pure pleasure, and brilliantly conceived and executed. Guest musicians add trombone, gu zheng, accordion and voices.
Clearing  [£12] TZ 7605
Fred’s first solo recording in over a decade.
Freedom in Fragments [£12] TZ 7076
A 1994 commission for the Rova Saxophone quartet mixing through-composed with indicational modules which can be assembled in any order.
Back to Life  [£12] TZ 8045
An excellent collection of commissioned pieces for piano (played by Daan Vandewalle), the Callithumpian Ensemble (dir.Stephen Drury) and  smaller groupings. They fall into the ambit of chamber music but are pretty instantly recogniseable as Fred’s.
Very nice work.
Funny Valentine  [£12]  TZ 7601
Fred Frith, Charles Hayward, Bill Laswell. A lot of fine, thoughtful playing.
Meltdown  [£12  TZ 7606
Fred Frith, Charles Hayward, Bill Laswell. Live recording from the London Meltdown festival in 2001.
Lonely Heart  [£12] TZ 7619
Fred Frith, Charles Hayward, Bill Laswell. Fine live recordings from Roskilde, 2003 and Sons D’Hiver, 2003.
TZADIK NOTE. We are working to get all tzadik titles at these reasonable prices; please let us know if this is interesting for you and what titles you are would be specially interested in. Thanks.
Milan, Zurich, West Berlin, Paris (5 CD set)
[£27.50] Transparency 1311
In 1983 Ra came to Europe with a pretty impressive ensemble – from the Arkestra he brought Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Richard Davis and Clifford Jarvis, then adding all-star guests Lester Bowie, Archie Shepp, Don Moye and Philly Joe Jones. The sound is generally good and there is a lot of variety in the material across the shows. More importantly, these concerts are different in character and style from regular Arkestra performances – in a very interesting way. It’s a smallish ensemble and every detail counts, the two extra drummers Philly Joe Jones and Don Moye drive a lot of the material in their own way, and this very classy ensemble mutates to the accommodation of different languages with great success. The Arkestra alumni also flourish in this changed environment. Fewer than a quarter of the pieces are Ra compositions, opening up the palette further, and many are unidentified and probably unidentifiable. Berlin is an incredible concert, that gets wilder as it goes along; about half way in the drummers – who one can hear have been provided with a lot of accessory gear, including large gongs – take the lead, especially I suspect Don Moye, and the concert shifts into another gear altogether. The music becomes elemental and completely free. There follows a three-drummer firestorm that’s strictly monumental. After that, anything goes. A luminous performance from all concerned and worth the price of the entire set. The sound is compressed (original tape compression, not re-mastering error) and even this works to the advantage of the music, for once. Stunning.
Live in Spark (MN)   [£12]  EDMN 1024
Cellist and percussionist of Hyperion with regular guests Gustavo Aguilar (percussion) and Tim Hodgkinson, and local musicians Nina Eidsheim (voice) and Phil Curtis (electronics). Taken from a 4 day festival in  Minneapolis
Orra [£12]  TZ 7718
The unbeatable Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori doing what they do best, with occasional guests Maija Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (voice, processing), Makigami Koichi (voice, jew’sharp), Cyro Baptista (percussion) and Josh Quillan (steel drums).
Viandra [£12]  Rune 271
Always a joy to receive a new CD from Lars, joined here on some tracks by guests including Michel Berckmans (bassoon), Coste Aptrea (mandolins), Morgen Agren (drums), Santiago Jiminez (violins) and Andreas Tengberg (cello). Exquisite tunes, beautifully arranged. Larsv quietly gets on with building while the world collapses around him.  Chapeau.
Repeat! (3 CD set) [£24]  ZEIT C01
Flautist Zurria performs (records) pieces for the flute family  (C, G & Bass) by Louis Andreissen, Alvin Lucier, Tom Johnson, Morton Feldman, Jonathan Harvey, Arvo Part, Kevin Volans. Laszlo Sary, Luc Ferrari, Aldo Clementini, Stefano Scodanobbio, Salvatore Schiarrino, John Cage, Viktor Ekimovsky and Zoltan Jeney which mostly involve multi-tracking (2-6 times) and/or the addition of other elements (variously: bottles, glasses, tapes, amplification, oscillators, synthesisers and a couple of harpsichords. Feldman, Ekimovsky, Feldman Jeney and Scodanibbio stand out. An interesting and unusual collection, very nicely packaged.

FLUXBOX [£100]  Fluxbox
LIMITED EDITION of 100 numbered copies in a round metal box containing 40 fluxus films – by Nam Jun Paik, Dick Higgins, Geroge Maciunas, George Brecht, Yoko Ono, John Cale, Robert Watts, Joe Jones, Erik Anderson, Alison Knowles, Jeff Perkins, Peter Vanderbeck, Chieko Shiomi, John Cavenaugh, James Riddle Geoffrey Hendricks, George Landow, Wolf Vostell, Albert Fine, Paul Sharits, Peter Kennedy, Milan Knizak, Ay-O and Benjamin Vautier. Selected by George Maciunas, with notes, credits and a short essay.  We have just a few remaining numbers in the early 40s.

Audio Work by Artists [£25]  By Name
173pp  21×28 cm hardback art book with CD. The artwork in the book and the sounds on the CD are are complementary. Arrtists are  Lawrence weiner, Vittorio Santoro, Julian Opie, Iris Gallarotti, Jos Mapflin, Sylvie Defraoui, Shahryar Hashat, Dara Birnbaum, Ilona Ruegg, Robert Wilson. Louise Bourgeois, Marie Jose Burl, Sarah Sze, Mitja Tusek and Vito Acconci. This is only I think for those who know what to expect.
POSTAGE. Because of weight please add: UK – £4.30, Europe – £5.86, ROW – £11.41
Out of Order c/w Beside (7”)  [£8.50]  By Name
33rpm green marbled vinyl with fast Haywardian drums and timeless electronic noise on side 1 soon evolving into a song, sometimes with only drum accompaniment, tailing out into a suspended bell and electronics . Nicely made, and on side 2 a phased drone. LIMITED EDITION Of 250 copies.
The Floating Bubble  [£12]  Innova 215
Music for percussion group featuring various families of invented instruments as well as normal tuned and untuned percussion. Compositions by John Bergamo, Ben Johnston and George himself; gamelan thinking, but some pieces have a Xenakian cloud of sound quality.
NOTE:  A bold L after an entry indicates we think this should be in any comprehensive Library.
L’ENSEMBLE RAYE – Cardinal Counterpoints [£12]
L’ENSEMBLE RAYE – Vis-a-Vis Movers [£12]
L’ENSEMBLE RAYE – Ein Fest fur Pu den Baren
CICALA MVTA – Ghost Circus [£13]
Live in Allentown  [£12]  AGARIC 1996
Previously only part of this concert was available on a cassette. This is the whole thing.
Barbed Wire Maggots  [£12]  AGARIC 1983
Reissue of their 4th LP, with highly enhanced sound quality.
Electrical Drawings. [£22]  By Name
Hardback art edition. 164pp  -60 colour, 40 b/w. In English and German
PLUS POSTAGE – waiting on weight… email to check
playback: no rewind button (with CD) 
[£18]  By Name
American Sound artist and engineer, resident in Berlin. 48pp, 25 in colour. Hardback art edition in English and German.
PLUS POSTAGE – waiting on weight… email to check
SINGHUR 1996-2006  (with CD) [£26.50]  By Name.
The Singur is an Important and central Berlin space for sound installations, usually one artist at a time, whose invitees constitute a who’s who of sound art. It marks its first 10 years with a work-book of the projects and installations it supported during this time, providing an invaluable overview of 10 years in the evolution of a fascinating and still young medium. Hardback art edition, 320 pp, 200 in colour, in German and English, with CD.
PLUS POSTAGE – waiting on weight… email to check.

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Historic numbered art edition: 12 CDs, book and box [£58]  pe/box
We are slowly moving toward a number that may make this release possible but we are not there yet..
The Rock experiments of Eastern Europe were no less interesting (though they were somewhat rarer) than those in the West, but they went undocumented for years – they made no commercial or official CDs and could not tour. Concerts were rare even in their own countries. Outside, to all intents and purposes, they didn’t exist. To begin to redress this lack, in the late ‘80s,  Recommended launched Points East, a label dedicated only to this music. Because of its historical importance – and musical excellence – we plan to manufacture a very limited edition of the 8 PE LPs (re-mastered on CD), plus 3 or 4 extra CDs filling in further details of the music of the various territories in that time, mostly taken from other Recommended releases as yet not reissued – including the extraordinary ‘Raab’ and Zygmunt Krauze’s luminous ‘Folk Music’- plus a couple of CDs with samples of other groups from the time and new materials by the original artists. All the CDs will be in facsimile edition, fully re-mastered, in a box with a fat book outlining the way it was in the old East and the way it is now, as well as a more general overview of experimental music in each of the territories. In other words this will be an historic documentation of a missing part of the history of progressive and experimental music, a documentation much needed. It will be made to our usual standards and very thoroughly documented, but we want to make it as cheap as possible – since this for art’s sake; it’s certainly not a commercial proposition. So we will try to keep the 12 CDs, box and book down to £58 – close to cost. However, origination, manufacturing and production costs will be huge, and we will only be able to make it if there is sufficient interest and enough pledged advance orders. To that end, if you are interested in this project, please subscribe – just write in and say you want your name put down, we will not take any money until and unless the box is actually realised. If and when we reach a viable number, we will announce the issue, confirm your subscriptions and go ahead.
– The original PE series was:
BORIS KOVACS. Ritual Nova 2 (YU)
ZGA. Zga (Riga)
STRANGE GAMES, Strange Games (Russia)
BORUT KRZISNIK Currents of Time (Slovenia)
KAMPEC DOLORES Levitation  (Hungary)
REPORTAZ. Reportaz (Poland)
PULNOC. Midnight Mouse (Czechoslovakia)
With each update we offer one £5 loss leader to encourage wider listening. This Update it’s
JON ROSE : Perks.
2. N/A
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